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 Cosmetics industry environment in Vietnam The cosmetics market for men in Vietnam has recorded good growth in current value terms in 2012, as the usage and penetration of such products has increased. The Vietnamese people are exposed to international beauty trends through media and traveling, which has increased their knowledge on the use of cosmetics and towards the end of the review period.

New launches illustrate the efforts of the cosmetics manufacturers to diversify their product ranges. Firstly, product segmentation is increasing, as the manufacturers are targeting specific consumer groups. Products or teenagers, especially for men are becoming more popular. Secondly, the demand of consumers for products containing natural ingredients has led to many manufacturers researching and developing such products. Sales of multi-function products are also increasing, due to convenience and cost reasons.

The Vietnamese cosmetics market for men is big enough for both domestic and multinational manufacturers. International brands still account for a large share of the cosmetics marketers men, such as the well-known names which are produced locally by, for example, Milliner Vietnam and Procter & Gamble Vietnam. With high-quality products, strong and effective marketing strategies, these players hold the largest shares. However, domestic manufacturers, such as International Consumer Products have also improved their positions in the market.

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Cosmetics Market for Men in Vietnam

There are about 430 domestic cosmetics companies, but market is nearly in the hands of foreign firms such as L'Orealal, Shied, Clarions We have about 100 cosmetics brands in Vietnam, but 90% is imported. Prestige foreign cosmetics brands like Esteem Lauder, Clique, Meaner, Lance, Jose, Clarions, Elizabeth Arden, Shied, Wigless, Carat, Devon, Naive, Fend', Lower, Classics, L'Oreal, Esteem Lauder middle brands like Ponds, Sunlit, Dove, Hegelian, Avon, Devon, Nevi, Sane, Pond, Hegelian and even mass level as Chinese or even counterfeit.

Viet Name has some popular brands like Miss Saigon, Thorax, Lana, Bona, solar, Bodega, Tamil, Engage, Axmen, Dry. Men, Hatcheck, Teen X.. L 'Ovate Paris, New York Girl, Daily Care, Sees 2. 2. 1. Perfume market Men's perfume sales increased 70% within the past two years. According to a number of shops and supermarkets in Hanoi, although perfume for men has high rice but it is still at strong consumption level, especially for young people aged 18-35. Almost perfumes are Italian-style motif with a strong scent, charming gentleman Southern European origin.

Recently, American style with breathtaking action Hollywood is its focus and targeting to the dynamic young men. According to statistics, in 2008, perfume for men accounted for 12. 5% of the market share, in which X-Men and Romano account for 60% of the perfume market for men. 2. 2. 2. Skin care products Latest skin care product for men called Baseline for men. Before Baseline for men, any other kinds of skin care products had been manufacturing in Vietnam market.

We can mention the Bore cleanser for men which became so popular with the customers, then Reason deodorant, or Naive skin cleanser and nursing, Root oxygen skincare special for men, Gillette also gives consumers the specialist product such as water to cool the skin In addition, a wide range of strange-label products for men has appeared on the market through distributors such as: Super Max, Umbra, FAA, Aids, L'Oreal fully meet the demand and created an elegant beauty to the gentlemen.

And all of them can be found in any supermarket or grocery store with tie soft price, and higher product promotions than the same type of products for women. Wax Demand for this kind of product is great but still not have a firm with the ability to acquire market due to the fact that the difference between products of these firm is not big enough. The most popular brands are Gatsby, L'Oreal, Good Look, 2. 3.

Consumer behavior Complex buying behavior: Because this is the purchase of beauty products, namely skin care and make up products, consumers often have to consider carefully before choosing to buy. Due to the current market there are many different cosmetic brands, o choose for themselves a suitable brand is not easy. Additional, the boys from 14 to 23 mostly have limited budget, so their buying behavior is not stable.

Reducing Buying Behavior: Some consumers look to expensive cosmetic products introduced by the acquaintance or because they feel more secure, because the product has been widely used or by the feeling that expensive products will highly effective. But boys just tend to care more about their beauty in some recent years, so there are very few boys who have spent a lot of money to buy cosmetics. This mean this group of customers is very rare.

SWOT Analysis


  • High quality staff: they can not only have professional attitude but also can give some advices and tips for customers about using products or caring skin
  • The materials are supplied stably and reliably
  • The products are researched and developed continuously by top experts-Low cost and social responsibility: we have good suppliers and collect product empty bottles to recycle


  • Only one way to sell products: selling directly in showroom
  • The brand is strange with customers


Boys care more about beauty products- Lotion- our main product, nave quite less substitute products


  • Youth can change their buying behavior easily
  • International brands have the large market share
  • Vietnamese do not often use Vietnamese cosmetics
  • Facial foam, wax and perfume have many substitute goods- Have many portable cosmetic sellers

Consumer behavior in buying pattern is differences when comes to the product, price, features, quality, packaging, lifestyle, status. However, youth is the most complicated group to correspond with. The youth changing preference affect the buying pattern because they mostly follow the rhythm of fashion and taste according to the shifting time.

Therefore, Marketers spend millions on market research every year to identify and predict the changing youth behavior. With the continually flourish of varieties in cosmetics the youth encourage with the flavor of attractiveness through affordable price and changing trend in the market. All this makes it extremely difficult to understand and target their behaviors. II. Create marketing plan 1. Mission Beauty Parfaits enter Vietnamese market to take the segmentation and get the profit. Although, there are many beauty product brands for men, no brand gain the love of customers.

They usually have some disadvantages such as: high price, hard use, poor quality, not diversity Beauty Parfaits will decrease these disadvantages, build new Vietnamese men's hobby, it is often using high-quality cosmetic. Beauty Parfaits promise our products will give back the beauty of Vietnamese men. Working in this guideline, Beauty Parfaits will have good position in Vietnam cosmetic market. 2. Market segmentation Geographic segmentation: First in the inner city and suburban of Hanoi city, after that we expand to Northern provinces then to Ho Chi Mini City and overall Vietnam.

Beauty Parfaits will build showroom near big universities where many young people live and do not open the show room massively, develop slowly but sustainable like KEF did. Demographic Segmentation: Age: 14-23, 23-35, 35+ - Age 14-23: they are young people and almost unemployed and studying in the universities or high school and unmarried. Their income is low from 1 million to 3 million Vends per month, it depends on their parents. However, their demand of beauty products is very strong and price of cosmetic for men is suitable with their income. Age 23-35: this age group contains men who have Jobs and high income usually more than 3 million Vends and got married. They are busy and sometimes do not spend times on take care their appearance . Their demand is lower than first age group. - Age 35+: the demand of high quality and luxury beauty product is high. However the amount of men who used these products is not high. In this age, most of them do not use cosmetic. Our main customers are from 14 to 23 which have income from 1 m-mm and live in Hanoi and the other big cite. Their income will suitable with Beauty Parfait's production.

Beauty Parfaits will expand new product: clothing, underwear for men to satisfy the demand of gentleman. . Advertising message Content of the advertising message should be focused on some different factors that are based on the advantages of Beauty Parfaits compared with the other commodity products such as 100% from natural resources, no chemicals, acceptable price for students, suitable for many types of skin. The message will be create base on some objectives: + Highlight of savings. Using our products and you won't waste time and money to go to the cosmetic center or spa. Highlight of modern technology. Our products will be produced with the modern technology process and the skillful engineers and employers. We ensure the quality of our products.  Highlight the dedicated and professional ethics. Each product will be tested from the smallest stage in the producing process to make sure about the safety for the consumers.  Showroom The showroom of Beauty Parfaits will be located at Chug Boca Street because it is near many universities and the central Hanoi. The Showroom will be built up with two main colors: Blue and White.

These colors can be combined together to create chic style, sophistication and to make the strong impression to the customer on the first sight whenever they enter there. Interior design will be created according to Vietnamese culture traditionally, close to Vietnamese people.  Slogan & Motto Our employers work with the motto "The customers are always right" and the slogan "Buy it, use it, enjoy us". We mention this motto because we want people know that our company has worked with ethical behavior, products will be designed with the customer's favorite features, but not be the same as other goods.

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