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Marketing of the white supremists groups

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Before the American Civil War, white supremacy was born. White supremacy is basically the exploitation and oppression of the people and communities by the white people; for the given purpose of establishing, maintaining and defending the wealth, power and privilege. This white supremacy has established a culture that justifies and binds together the white people. White people are referred to as white American people and some nations also use the term for “Englishmen,” “Irishmen” or “Christians.” Between 1960s and 1970s, there was a depression in the nation’s history.

The United States of America’s government was guilty of injustice and discrimination against their fellow Americans. Biased people get off the street and filled the area through out the country their purpose of committing this collective behavior is to emphasize the evils of the Blacks, Jews, the homosexuals, and the handicapped. Up to now, the considered “evils” of the society still suffers from verbal and physical abuse. At that time, the Americans were under siege of hateful demonstrations.

White supremacy back then preaches hatred of the blacks and Jews, homosexuals and other minorities. Then hate crimes have sprouted everywhere. According to Summer in the text “anti-defamation”, there was an instance that occurred on the 10th of August 1999, O’Neal Furrow Jr. threatened a Filipino-American mailman by saying, ”mail the letter before I shoot you!!” and it only happened after he tried to shoot kindergarten students with their teacher who are believed to be Jews.

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After what he had done, he was taken to custody and his justification for his action was that he wanted his actions to be a wake-up call for the American people to kill and eradicate the existence of the Jews. Though the act was wicked and sick, the accused was not charged of anything since the officer-in-charge is white. From this, it is assumed that white supremacy in a violation of human rights and only those you have experienced it are the only ones who can testify. There is no room for cases like this since you do not belong to the predominant group which is the white people. White supremacy entails the discrimination against the blacks thought they do not do anything back being black is already a sin. This mentality made “the blacks” the inferior race than “the whites”.

White supremacy ideologically manipulates the United States politics and affects other institutions of the American society. There are criteria to classify racial categories such as economic status, social status and political status.  All of this is related with power acquisition.  The European model of supremacy does not actually teach to hate based on color and social stratification hence they just want to contaminate the nations to affirm the dominance of the whites.

The white supremacy sprouted from the identity crisis of the European nationalism. White Supremacy is said to be and ideological, structural, historical stratification process intentionally transmitted by Europe: to other races to promote advantages of the “whites”; to make the top-to-bottom mechanics work; and especially to make Europeans dominant based on color, gender, social status, ethnicity and religion.

They want to be the dominant race because of the power relations accompanied by being dominant. Privileges of power are the most important thing since it involves the allocation of resources and making decisions. The process of White Supremacy is to plague the minds of other races to emulate the fear and inferiority based upon the qualities that they have. Well in fact, there is no material evidence to say that “whites” are the supreme beings.

These are some of the evidence that there are methods used by the White Supremacy adherents to spread the bad word. First, they used religion as a tool. It is believed that the racists asked God for permission to hate other religions that do not worship God. Second, they use the media to spread their propaganda. A credible person would talk in a radio show fueled by a “hate-motivated” speech to assert what has to be done in the said to inferior races. Another form that they use is the use of the written-word, the newspaper.

There are tabloids that they used to promote hate and discord with the other races and religions. In religion, they sent out pamphlets that tell how God has given them the power to kill and eradicate religion that has not been rooted for the white people. Another is through music, though most of them are banned now since they want to promote a harmonious relationship with blacks as they say. They used the music industry to spread hate by creating songs that are related with blacks and being racists is a good thing, that sort of themes.

For the blacks, they have countered it with the hip-hop scene but they do not promote hate for white people, they express themselves by showing how kind they are and how passionate they are with music. Blacks never claimed that they are better it is just that whites are insisting to rub them to be inferior. Third, is that they used videogames to give the virtual reality a taste for those who crave to kill and abuse the inferior race.

Videogames are not screened or monitored if they are created to have discriminatory them hence it is tolerated since it sells more. And also it has extreme access with the youth and the upcoming youth is the market for new white supremacy adherents. In a simple game of chess, one may might ask, “why the player with white pieces will make a move first?” This is very controversial since chess has been a long time game hence it spurred discrimination. It was said that the white pieces are the aristocrats and the black are the slaves. Hence, it was not provided that there is hierarchy between them. It is just that the white pieces are made to have distinction with the black pieces and being the first to move was never intended to be absorbed as its discourse.

The White horde or the areas where white people is in abundance have shown evidence to exercise white supremacy. The rise in the migration trend on these countries have implied that there will be also a rise in the white supremist groups hence it was unintentional. Due to that, the justice system has improved their prevention and surveillance against these groups. If such group was established, it can be punishable by the law. White supremacy is a negative ideology to adhere with and its attacks are non-rational. We are rational beings. We should act in accordance to what the people act upon.

If they are good, we must be good. If they are bad, rationalize the situation first before retaliation. We cannot be discriminatory based on color. Being black is not being aliens. Being non-Christian is being evil. This is not what we have wanted for our society to become. We label this deviant thinking and idea to for the wrong reasons. With this, we are creating a barrier between other races.

This is bad for the hopes of the world to be harmonious. There is nothing we could do change are colors and our beliefs hence we should not make any prejudices and stereotypes against other races since it will promote vengefulness and discord among them. White supremacy should be thrashed as well the black supremacy. Black supremacy was in reaction to white supremacy and still the whites did not realize the implications and effects of they did.

Overall white supremacy is a racist ideology. It promotes hate among groups and races that are not white in culture and in practice. The White Supremacy adherents are blinded by the false consciousness instilled by them. I think no one would claim who started this racist ideology because he must be ashamed of what he did. The use of other institutions even religion is a very sick mentality.

With this, as our awareness, we should eradicate white supremacy at all costs. We must launch an effort against this. Racism and discrimination are not corruptors of society. We must not entertain any of these wrong ideas. Differences must not lead to discrimination. We are blinded by the differences that we have. We are being disillusioned by the fact that whites are made to be superior yet they just imposed it on us. There is no superior or inferior race, it just depends on the perception of how we understand things and conditions and act or react with accordance to these things. Differences are things that must bind us together thus it must not lead to human extinction. Human extinction will occur if these events continue to plague our minds.


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