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Last Updated: 16 May 2023
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Evaluation of the Use of Marketing Automation to Enhance Customer Relationship in Udemy Online Academy

Marketing automation has played a major role in the business industry as it not only helps in keeping customers but also in the retention of customers as the advocates and advisers of the business. Before the idea of digital marketing, customer loyalty was a lost art of marketing and no emphasis was put on the customer experience and customer loyalty. The idea of customer loyalty was rediscovered in the era of digital marketing as brands have achieved to find and retain best customers more than in the past. In the past, client retention was the desired concept as there were no internet purchases to enhance customer loyalty. In the contemporary society, the scale at which marketing automation allows for client retention is meaningful to most businesses as there has been an increase in the revenue with time.

Udemy, an online academy, explores personalization as a feature of marketing to advertise in National Geographic channel. Personalization is an automation aspect that uses consumer psychology to influence the decision of consumers. Research indicates that modern customers weigh on those who treat them as unique in order to come up with a final decision on what to purchase. Apparently, Udemy online academy uses personalization to deliver authentically individual experiences that most shoppers desire (Choy and Tay 11).

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The organization orchestrates cross-channel campaigns that influence the feelings of their audience each time they come across the campaigns. The organization has achieved to integrate their CRM with the automated marketing experience to pack an even more powerful punch; thus, delivering the right message at the right time. The organization develops buyer personas based on the customer base that has existed before and the target market. Moreover, it sends customers triggered messages to engage them in a personalized and relevant manner.

In its cross-channel campaigns, Udemy leverages marketing automation to a personalized level to reach parties that are in the mood to purchase products and services. In a rare Facebook campaign, Udemy sets the advert to appear after an online user searches for digital photography tips. Marketing automation, therefore, ensures that a win-win situation is delivered to the customer and the organization (Choy and Tay 12).

Udemy academy segments customers into different nurture streams and enquires on their reaction towards the current company relationship. Marketing automation involving personalized customer nurturing as well as a culture of feedback gives the business owner an insight on where to improve and how to minimize losses and other challenges surrounding internal and external factors. Online feedback can be achieved by utilizing the social media tool buffer where an organization encourages shout-outs from their followers. The tool utilizes the fact that customers often want their voices to be heard so that they can agree on how to fulfill their wants and needs.

Marketing automation builds customer relationships when the right content is delivered. B2B marketers often target their audiences with pieces that suit their engagement and behaviors. It has become a cliché to serve clients with basic, impersonal content such as newspapers that generalize the company's purpose. Marketing automation in B2B companies makes use of the data that is stored in the marketing automation platform to maintain and improve customer relationship (Chaffey et al 9).

Udemy online academy often ensures that it brings fresh insights to the inbox as a way of promoting relevant content. The content of the information shared is based on the previous history of the company and the behavioral cues of the customers. The consistency that comes with marketing automation ensures customer loyalty and quality attention during the engagement period. Services such as after sales do not imply an ending to the relationship with the customers. It is rather an opportunity to nurture dialogue from end-to-end.

As evident, udemy online academy makes use of marketing automation to create loyal customers through different avenues. Customer loyalty can, therefore, be described as a byproduct of paying close attention to the audience. It entails making use of the concepts of personalization to feedback as well as making the customer feel valued by the company. Research illustrates that the most effective way to keep in touch with the customers is through marketing automation which, has assisted Udemy to tune into its customer's needs in a timely and relevant manner. Marketing automation in Udemy has made the brand to skyrocket on online platforms and it is a show that people may not get exhausted from watching (Choy and Tay 12).

Marketing automation works for a wide range of companies that operate on different missions but with the intention to retain the existing relationships with the customers. Automation also nurtures prospects who are supplied with the relevant information through the internet. The easiest way to make a product known in the current society is through the social media platforms that have become automated. Additionally, marketing automation avails the right information to the business owners as to whether their organizations are acquiring the right customers and the appropriate way to segment them based on their behavioral cues. Investing in marketing automation is, therefore, an opportunity to make the most out of today's businesses.


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