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Management Teams Essay

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"What the entrepreneur does is something else that someone has already done" (Drucker, 1985). However, what "Laughter lines" is implementing is "creative innovation", as we understand what this innovation represents better than the other people who recognised the need for comedy in Leeds. Relating this back to my own preparedness, it was vital that I was willing to look at the broader picture and not dismiss the idea of a Leeds comedy Festival just because comedy was already present. But to develop this idea to suit the needs of those interested in comedy.

This concept is not only following Cope's "inward" policy but also his "outward" policy by assessing the external environment and recognising the opportunity within the market. Looking "forward" and evaluating the role that I will have on this project is vital to its success. This process also aids the shape that my event will take and the learning outcomes that I wish to achieve. The proposed project will achieve the module outcomes because it requires us to operate in such a broad range of areas.

We will have to work closely with comedy acts, management companies, venue companies, commercial organisations, ticketing companies, the general public, festival staff, and student media organisations. All of these partnerships will require different entrepreneurial skills and management approaches. The project will require creativity, near-perfect logistical planning, and entrepreneurial risk. As well as the above learning outcomes, I would also plan to investigate further the nature and management of new relationships within our organisation.

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Management Teams Essay

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To excel in this learning process, I made the decision early on not to work with fellow peers on the course as I felt that I would not achieve anymore than I have done in the past. I was not previously familiar with any members of the group that I am working with and this has its advantages. A study from Rosalind Wilson (2004) "concluded that MIT has been so fertile in technological creativity - so innovative, if you will - because of informal groups, unstructured encounters, odd connections, wandering, and daydreaming..........

In a quite hard-headed way, we argued that the sources of creativity necessary to engender change, technological or otherwise, flourish only in a setting with time and space for the intense social interactions that are at the heart of both research and learning. " In many ways this quote refers to the forming of our personal enterprise group, in that we were forced together by "intense social interactions". In order to understand the nature of relationships within my organisation internally and externally, Cope (2005), suggests that we should be "reflective practitioners".

"Laughter Lines" has secured different venues across the weekend that overall will hold a capacity of 780 people. Therefore, we have concluded that if we were to sell half of these tickets we would still break even, and after market research have estimated that we will have a minimum attendance of 500 people who attend the event over the four days. We are confident that this project will be a success and will draw upon a new audience to Leeds event industry.

I am also confident that I personally will thrive in this project and gain many learning experiences that I can take on and utilise in my future career.


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