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Management of Parkinson’s Disease

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The disease that I will be discussing in this paper is "Parkinson's Disease". It is a disease where the brain has a progressive disorder concerning body movements such as walking, talking, writing, and swallowing.

The causes of Parkinson's Disease aren't really known but scientists think it results from the deficiency of the dopamine, a chemical that sends messages across the nervous system. That deficiency affects brain cells from performing their normal functions within the central nervous system. Most signs and symptoms are muscle rigidity, akinesia, and uncontrollable tremors, which usually begin in the fingers. Other symptoms are when the voice becomes weak and high pitched, an awkward walk, and a loss of facial expression.


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Management of Parkinson’s Disease

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Some general measures to cope with it are to find ways to remain active and useful because the disease may cause social withdrawal. Also a person might want to try to comply with a treatment program such as diet, exercise, counseling (to help relieve depression) and medications. Another thing to do is accidentproof their home to prevent falls and injuries. Finally they should wear a bracelet or neck tag to indicate your medical problem.


Unfortunately there is no real way to prevent Parkinson's Disease.

Most dangers are that the muscle rigidity, akinesia, and involuntary tremors will progress for an average of 10 years at which that time pneumonia or some other infection may occur and then eventually death. Other complications that will occur are dementia, severe constipation, urine retention (caused by medication), and falls and fractures caused by the inability to walk straight.

Help and Support

First you may want to go to a doctor and see if you have the disease if you are seeing symptoms of it. Then if you have it he will put you on a medication. You then may want to go into physical therapy to help to work with the disease and also counseling for depression. You also may want to get onto a healthy diet program and exercise regularly just to keep active and useful. If the symptoms get worse you may want to check into the American Parkinson's Disease Association, Inc. or the National Parkinson Foundation.

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