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Management Career

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Generally speaking, ethics or morality is that branch of philosophical inquiry that deals with the question of the rightness or wrongness of an action based on different rules. Ethics in general comprises of a set of rules and the justifications for those rules. There are many ethical theories proposed that have been posited in philosophical history, such as Kantianism and utilitarianism (Resnik). From this general rules called ethics branch out many specific kinds of ethics that apply only to particular disciplines or fields and these are called institutional codes (Resnik).

For example, the scientific community has its own separate code of conduct that regulate their acts (Resnik). Similarly, those who belong in the culinary arts and hospitality management career also have their own rules of conduct to follow, which ensure the professionalism and morality of their actions. Work Ethics, defined. Work ethics is a group of characteristics that are possessed by a person who greatly values his job (AllAboutPhilosophy. org, 2007).

Work ethics comprises of a person's feelings about his career, particularly the manner by which he discharges his functions (AllAboutPhilosophy. org, 2007). It also consists of a person's attitudes and virtues as an individual and as a part of a team in his business organization (AllAboutPhilosophy. org, 2007). In essence, work ethics deals with the specific acts that a person does when facing any given situation (AllAboutPhilosophy. org, 2007).

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Management Career

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There are certain character traits that are generally considered as part of all codes of ethics, such as honesty and accountability, and these two traits are indeed included in the work ethics applicable to those belonging in the culinary arts and hospitality management career (AllAboutPhilosophy. org, 2007). Justification for Work Ethics The importance of having work ethics, both at the individual and institutional levels, cannot be denied. Work ethics distinguishes one business organization from another, and could spell the difference between success and failure as an institution.

Clients observe the work ethics of each member of a professional staff, and poor work ethics could drive away customers. On the other hand, poor work ethics observed in an individual could lead to bad employer or supervisor review, which could in turn lead to suspension or dismissal from service. Either way, the employee suffers adverse consequences from failure to observe proper working attitudes. Therefore, work ethics is a paramount interest of both an individual and an institution. This is true in all disciplines, including the culinary arts and hospitality management career.

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