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Management And Leadership

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There is a lot of overlap between leadership and management. The two are part of the same role, because many leadership or management roles involve a combination of both. This paper explores the differences of management and leadership. A person can be a manager, a leader, both or neither (Griffin, 2012). Leadership Is providing a new direction or vision that subordinates follow and the leader spearheads that new direction. Management controls or directs people according to reminisces or values that have already been established in an organization.

The biggest deference between leadership and management arises from the way they nouveau people who work around them as this sets the tone for all other aspects of an organization. By definition, management has an aura or authority vested in it by the company. Subordinates work under it, and largely do as they are told. This is transactional style In that managers tell workers what to do and workers do because they are promised a reward (salary or bonus). Management Is normally paid to get hinges done within the constraints of time and money.

Management tends to come from stable backgrounds and lead relatively comfortable lives. This makes them averse to taking risks and they seek to avoid conflict as far as possible. In terms of people, they Like to run a happy ship (Thompson. 2010). Leaders on the other hand do not have subordinates. They tend to have followers, and following is more of a 1 OFF charismatic, transformational style. Leaders do not tell people what to do as this does not inspire them. Leadership appeals to workers and they desire to follow leaders.

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Leadership can make workers walk into dangers and situations that they normally would not consider risking. Leadership requires giving credit to people and motivating them by praising for good work. Leadership requires taking all the blame and shielding the followers in sharp contrast to management which is always happy to pass the buck on to the subordinates and is first to take credit for good performance (Thompson, 2010). Leadership and management must go hand in hand. They are not the same thing. But they are necessarily linked, and complementary.

In inclusion, organizations need both management and leadership to be effective. Leadership is necessary to create change, and management is necessary to achieve orderly results. Management along with leadership can produce orderly change, and leadership in conjunction with management can keep the organization properly aligned with the environment (Griffin, 2012). References Griffin, R. W. (2012). Management (1 lath Edition). Mason, OH: South-Western. Thompson, S. (2010).

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