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Management and Branch

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Requesting an explanation from the branch head is imperative before immunization with anyone else In the company. The branch head Is responsible for the overall performance of his branch and as a branch head, he should be held accountable for whatever issues his branch is facing, or at least he needs to explain his side regarding the issues. In doing this, I expect to learn how the branch head deals with the issues, or If he has complete knowledge of them, and what actions did he take to resolve them.

Reading and analyzing the branch's five-year business reports such as financial, human resources, marketing, customer surveys. Etc. Listing possible Issues and problems from the business reports. Facts normally don't lie. Through the business reports, I can gather potential evidences and loopholes in the branch's operational weaknesses. Likewise, I will know where to start from, considering the presented data. Conduct Interview on each department's head as a group.

Communication with each department's head in a group will allow discussion of the issues on different perspectives. Preferring a group interview with the department head will allow checking, rechecking, and confirmation of the problems on a wider cope. In this method, I expect that each of the department heads will contribute valuable Information that will reveal the root cause of the problems at hand and also, to gather their opinions on how to resolve the issues based on their perspectives. Conduct internal and external survey through a survey questionnaire.

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The purpose of the interview is to confirm the result of the survey. I can gather other information that was not raised on the group interview, perhaps because of Job security. I expect to get a deeper understanding of the problem and to get opinions f how to resolve them based on individual perspectives. Step 2: Gathering Information step AAA "Employees"

1 . Are you happy with your employment? I I expect to learn how many employees are happy and how many are not, with their job.

2. What are the possible reasons for your employment satisfaction/dissatisfaction? I expect to learn what causes their satisfaction/dissatisfaction. In this question, I trigger employees to share the problems they may be experiencing.

3. In what aspects of its operation, do you think the branch should improve? Please list them and provide your reason's why. I expect employees to share their evaluation of the branch's operations and gather relevant knowledge of where the problems could possibly have started.

4. In reference to number 3 questions, were these improvements started? If not, what do you think are the reasons for its delay? I In this question, I will learn if the employees think that the branch management is aware of the problems that they see and if not, what they feel about not being heard and what they think could be the problem.

5. What do you propose as the best solutions to your listed issues in question number 3? I The question will gather possible solutions to the problems as employees see them. "Clients" In a scale of 1-5 (1 1 the highest and 5 is the lowest) please answer the following questions. 5002200 Organizing, Researching and Illustrating your Material Page 3 of 7 How do you rate the branch's overall performance? I This question will determine how the clients assess the overall performance of the branch. In getting this, I will have the confirmation of whether the clients are satisfied or not with the service. 2. How do you rate the branch's procedure for accepting new client account and in losing completed accounts? I This will help me in knowing how well the clients accept the branch's procedure on new client acceptance and if not what could be the possible solutions. . In what way's do you think can the branch meet your service expectations/ I This question gathers relevant client suggestions in improving the branch's performance. 05002200 Organizing, Researching and Illustrating your Material Page 4 of 7 Phoenix Advertising Phoenix Branch 2867 wagon Trail Charlotte, NC 85011 Phone: (602) 222-3489 Dear Mr.. Oscar Bangle: I would like to inform you that our company president, Mr.. Gregory S. Forest is sending me to your branch to conduct an investigation. Mr. Forest was alarmed upon learning that four of our clients, which are very important to the company, had complained about the lack of quality of the advertising works performed at your branch. He is also particularly awed with the news that two of the top management people-an art director and an account executive have quit within the period of three months and of other management-employee issues arising in you branch. In this regard, I expect you to prepare various company documents, such as the company logic manuals, management approaches, production processes, hiring and recruitment processes, etc.

Please make these available when I arrive. Also, I will be conducting an interview with some of your employees to gather their views and resolving any possible problems in your branch, and more importantly, in coming up with the best solutions. Looking forward to see you and your team, Sincerely yours, Your Name 05002200 Organizing, Researching and Illustrating your Material Page 5 of 7 UP for Human Resources Management step B "Problems:" The Phoenix Advertising is experiencing problems with its employees particularly in terms of employee's morale and motivation.

In this regard, a report is needed to critically examine the economic, the managerial issues, and the relationship of the subordinates and the management. This report is also intended to create a clear understanding of the situation and to create relevant solutions. "Facts and Causes:" ; Background data about the agency are as follows: The company that is experiencing the problem is the Ranked branch of the Phoenix Advertising located at Ranked, Virginia. Phoenix, Advertising is headquartered at Charlotte, North Carolina and serves clients such as banks, insurance companies and retail chains.

As a Vice President for Human Resources Management at Phoenix, the company President to know the 05002200 Organizing, Researching and Illustrating your Material Page 6 of 7 facts and causes of the turmoil and to be able to create analysis tasked the investigator and relative solutions to the problem. ; Relative Information about the Case: The problem has surfaced only when the company President learned that four clients eave complained of the work performed in the Ranked, Virginia branch of the company. The said clients are very important to the company's overall success.

The agency in the last three months. Others, who are also considered as key people in the agency are threatening to leave due to issues of lesser work collaboration. Moreover, the branch is also accepting new clients without proper evaluation of the workloads. The company president requires the investigator to conduct a personal inquiry of the situation. A need to determine and critically analyze the work condition of the branch is also highly necessary. Interviewing several, various employees is important in determining the views and opinions of the stakeholders in the assigned area of work.

Looking at various company documents, manuals, and employee management approach is likewise important in the investigation conducted in this situation. "Impact and Effects:" The investigation proved that the Ranked Branch of the Phoenix advertising is currently facing management and employee relations problems. The Ranked management problems significantly affect its employee's performance and the overall quality and productivity of the branch. One of its problems is the decreasing employee morale and motivation which can be observed and proved through their answers in the conducted interview.

The respondents have showed significant decrease in their dedication for their work, and the declining quality of their performances. They also associated this decline to the felt dissatisfaction with the services and the performances of their superiors and the work environment. The employees feel stressful in their work environment which results to increase rate of absenteeism and employee turnover. Lack of or poor communication is also another robber raised by the respondents during the interview. Solutions" The various problems discovered in the investigation have to be resolved soon, as this may negatively affect not only Ranked, but Phoenix Advertising as a whole. The investigator recommends the following solutions: 05002200 Organizing, Researching and Illustrating your Material Page 7 of 7 Revise the hiring and recruitment process in the branch particularly on information employees. The proposal will create a clearer understanding of the purpose of having the employee in the organization, thus, allowing the superiors to use them accordingly based on their skills set, and responsibilities.

Reducing the workload of full-time employees and adding more part-time employees especially during peak, seasons to lessen employee tensions. Establish a better and clearer communication line between employees and subordinates, allowing a more productive collaboration between artist, workers and other necessary work personnel in the project. Create a clearer procedure and requirements in the approval of new contracts, relative to the production capabilities of the overall agency, decide and affirm on better quality not only on quality.

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