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Management Anaylisis of Hyatt

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What is the general environment of the company? First of all we have to define the general environment of a company before analyzing the Hyatt hotels chain. The general environment of a company represents its demographic, socio-cultural, economic, political and technological trends. It is an analysis of the market situation and the position of the company. We can say that the general environment of the Hyatt Hotel chain is the luxury branch, they target the rich and classy branch of people who wants to stand in high level hotels.

Being located in the main cities of the world they are by then able to target and reach a high percentage of clients, being willing full to stay at the Hyatt’s hotels. About the economy the Hyatt is part of a niche which permits it to stay in the top and not to be too much affected by the economy of the world, as far as they target rich customers and that there will always be people willing to pay the money in order to stay in the Hyatt and not the Formula 1 hotels. About the technological trends, Hyatt always try to improve the comfort of the client and of its employees.

For example, their newest product is a device that keeps the air in the room completely safe from sicknesses and allergies. It’s called a hypoallergenic room or its nickname is a “pure room. ” They have 11 pure rooms in the Hyatt downtown. Or also With new products that are in select rooms, the management will offer incentives to the staff members that get customers to upgrade their rooms. This is a great way to motivate the staff. The idea at Hyatt is to place all the employees at the same level and to make them feel good and at home. (http://www. bizjournals. com/denver/print-edition/2010/11/19/at-the-hyatt-the-environments-fun. html) What is the task environment of the company? The task environment includes sectors with which the organization interacts directly and that have a direct impact on the organization's ability to achieve its goals. The task environment typically includes the industry, competitors, customers, techniques of production, suppliers, stock market, raw materials, market sectors, and perhaps the human resources and international sectors. Here we can see that Hyatt as far as part of a niche as we already said, do not have too much competitors, expect in the biggest cities of the world (Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles…) which is a good advantage.

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One of the competitive advantage of Hyatt is their innovation and the way the let the client decide of what he wants and do not impose any standard rooms. Their customers as we said are part of the high society and want to feel special, which is what Hyatt offers them. How does the international environment influence the company? What is the International Environment, its all the factors in the world, exchanges between countries, relations between each other that affect or influence the choices or decisions of a company.

For example the Hyatt Corporation cannot install in Cuba because of the International Environment as far as the relations between Cuba and the United States are not good. Hyatt is a luxury brand hotel so usually countries are proud to have a Hyatt hotel on their territory, it proves a certain level of richness and welfare for the country. Thus the relations changes fast and the economy is also a main factor to take into account. How does it influence the company by then, I would say that a safe country, rich and stable permits Hyatt to rely on it and to expand their, in the contrairy the removal of the hotel could be a possibility.

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