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Man is like a fraction

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Man Is like a fraction whose numerator Is what he Is and whose denominator is what he thinks. The greater the denominator, the lesser the fraction. " -Lev Tolstoy We should take note that in a fraction, as the denominator becomes larger, the value of the traction becomes lesser. Man is also like a traction as what Lev Tolstoy said in his quotation. Life Is full of choices, full of situations. Where sometimes all our way to run away is by pretending, Pretending is one way of escaping. In my life, I have met people who are pretentious. I don't understand why they are like that.

Why o people appear to be something theyre not? Does it make them feel better about themselves or does It make them have something to hide behind? People feel that if they can lead a life that isnt their own and be pulled along by someone else they may be able to achieve better things. Therefore, hiding behind masks makes people lives a lot easier, they don't have to face up to doing something wrong. The appearance of being greater than you are has led to many unfortunate happening in the world around us. Nevertheless it shows us how appearing to be something you're not, can become your reality and even the world's reality.

We need to be less influenced by the world around us. Reality is hard to find as people are working their way around It, forcing themselves to appear to be something they're not. If we feel that we can get ahead by doing this then we should realize that we will only get hurt. Let us not be a person who sees himself larger than who he really is. Iva Rhiana C. Santiago LG 4218 APOLLONIUS OF PERGA As what I have researched, Apollonius ot Perga was a Greek geometer and astronomer noted for his writings in the conic section. It was him who gave the ellipse. the parabola, and the hyperbola the names by which we know them.

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And these things are our lessons this term. The work of Apollonius of Perga has had such a great impact on the development of mathematics, that he is known as "The Great Geometer". In fact, in his book Conics he Introduces terms, such as parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola that are still used today. Apollonius also was an important person in founding Greek mathematical astronomy. He used geometrical models to explain planetary theory. He made a lot of contributions In his times that until now we are benefiting from them. We are still learning from them. He did his work very well.

He was able to help many people nowadays even f he existed a long, long time ago. His contributions to mathematics helped many people to become very good like him. Mathematician like 'Of2 Apolllonlus 0T Perga makes numerous contrl learn and it helped me a lot. Iva Rhiana C. Santiago 4218 The Importance Of Saving outlons. HIS conlcs Tor me were easy to For me, teenagers or children nowadays should learn how to save money since young. Saving money helps to lessen the heavy responsibility of our parents as what I have observed. We can also buy their own items without asking money from our parents.

Saving money also helps us to be more independent. Although I did not complete the required number of weeks I have to deposit, I think I was only able to deposit four times out of eight weeks, I am lucky to learn a lesson from this. I can benefit from saving money at young age. I realized that after high school, college is expensive and then "real" life begins, with expenses such as food and rent. If I can hold onto a good portion of the money I earned as a teen, going to college and buying a house will be much easier. The earlier I will begin saving, the more time the money has to grow.

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