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Mahou Factory

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Mahou Factory Visit Mahou is a Spanish brewery house founded in the year 1890, in the capital Madrid. The company created a reputation for it self that precedes it even now a days, for its quality of production and the traditionalism of the production. Today the company is among the largest and most powerful brewery in Spain with a dominant market share. The main brewery factory, being the one we visited, is located in the outskirts of Madrid, Alovera Guadalajara to be more specific. The Factory is the biggest in Spain and second biggest in Europe, it is unique in Europe for its complex automatized process and innovative technology.

The factory produces up to 4 million liters of beer a DAY. Trough out our visit we could observe the process of production of the beer, most being completely automatized, yet having key workers in key locations were mistakes cannot occur. Even the most efficient machines can make mistakes, the problem is that the problem wont be spotted it since its and automatized process therefore you need the scientist and key workers in place to reassure the smoothness of the process. This could be considered a poki oki in Japanese terms or a security measure for the avoidance of problems in the production process.

From the beginning we could observe a complex system practically runed by computers, the only un automatized process is the lab and examination of samples. But in order to keep control of quality, it’s a process that need to be done with detail and personal, to keep better control of quality even if the cost for it might be high. This with the large control room constantly observing and controlling the brewing process day and night, 24/7, 365 days a year, make it a supper efficient machine for quality control and cost control.

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The control room has constant machines and computers controlling the brewing process from start to end including the bottling and packaging, This is then combines with a couple of professionals constantly examining and managing the process of production with constant control like sample taking to ensure that the quality and process is going to perfection. With this, we can surely say we are of to a good start. Continuing on with the quality control process we then have again several controls to ensure quality, like exporting the water from the erfect mineralization from Guadalajara, like exporting the main resources needed to ensure that their customer gets the quality expected always. After the brewing process there are several other controls like the bottle revision that ensures that they are clean, then there’s another machine ensuring that they all have the perfect measurements (full) with a laser measurer, after wards a few samples are taken from the produced batch of the day to again lastly ensure that the quality is the desired one.

Furthermore we can also observe the cost efficiency process in place. Even though the machinery implemented is expensive in the long term it cuts cost by huge amounts ensuring less mistakes higher quality and happier customers. The control room cuts cost by having many less workers doing the control process over the brewing production process by having it all automatized, not counting how more efficient it is.

Then they cut cost by implementing this brewing tanks outside the factory were its easier to obtain the liquid in bigger quantities. But, by a long shot the most efficient cost cutting control is the logistics the factory built right next to the high way to have a quick and easy way to transport and move things. Also they have deals with multiple other breweries to bottle their bear were they do not have a factory in order to make it seemingly less costly and easier to distribute their product.

Lastly, I will talk about their green impact on the world, or ecological controls. Now days every company is striving to be a leader as social responsible and environmentally friendly. Every company ahs its motives for this, some marketing technique, others tax benefits or company reputation etc. What’s very admirable of Mahou’s environmental help to the world is that it not only gives good company reputation, tax, etc, its that it is cost reducing also making it cost efficient.

Mahous recycles 90 % or more in some cases, of their bottles and containers, due to a deal established with the distributor and maker of the beer containers. This is extremely efficient and green for the environment counting the huge amount of production and trash they are avoiding creating. With both eh process distinguishing the broken or defect bottles and the un-cleanable they have created a perfect quality, cost and environmental friendly control all in one, keeping to its name and reputation.

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