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Compare 2 T.V. or magazine adverts, which you have studied. Consider how each one seeks to persuade the target audience to buy the products Media is everything today, be it T.V., radio, billboards or the internet. Nowadays to get ahead in the business world you have to put your name about. One of the up and coming sports, mountain biking is now a very competitive business with adverts popping up just about everywhere. The manufacturers really need to stand out from the crowd.  I have compared two mountain bike adverts from mountain biking magazines published within 15 months of each other. The adverts varied in colour, language style and so on.

The first advert I studied was published on the back of the September 1998 issue of M.B.U.K. It is advertising the Rockhopper A1compFS which is a bike made by Specialised.The advert shows a woman riding a bike at the top of a very picturesque mountain range. It has a brief piece of text to the side of the page informing the reader of the qualities of the bike. The second advert I analysed was also for a bike made by Specialised. Published in M.B.U.K in the December 1999 issue advertising the Specialised FSR enduro.

The advert shows a white background with a picture of the bike and a bright red bag filled with equipment. There is a large title in yellow and another title in bold followed by a large block of text informing the reader of the qualities of the bike. The first advert uses very natural colours with the whole background being mountains and forests. It shows the bike in the foreground in good light making the paintwork look inviting and the bike with top specification equipment on it. The second advert is a white background with a bright red bag and lots of different coloured equipment tumbling out of it. This is trying to emphasise that this bike is ready for anything. There is a silver bike with red features, the paintwork is glistening and makes the bike look very expensive (which it is!). There is a title in bright yellow and a block of text I black lower down.

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The main image of the first advert is really the background rather than the bike. This is unusual because the adverts usually want to put the focus on the product. Owen Grant This is good because it is different because adverts usually want to show you loads of images of the product. The second advert has a plain white background and focuses on two main images; the red rucksack and its contents and the bike. The red bag has tools and general equipment flowing out of it. This is to give the idea that the bike is fully equipped and ready for anything you'll ever come across!

The language is quite simple but aimed strictly at a mountain biking public. It is directive and has a sense of urgency about it, "you should never run away from your problems! Pedalling is much faster! This section of the advert also uses humour to interest the reader. The advert doesn't have a title but this works better because it makes you want to read on about the advert and therefore find out what the advert is trying to convey. This works especially well with the vague picture, which doesn't give much away.

The advert has a sense of urgency about it. This helps to get the point across, "Ride hard. Pedal fast. Aim for puddles" This is aimed directly at the reader and tries to get over the point that this bike can take anything that is thrown at it. The second advert uses a wide variation in its vocabulary. It uses both a very simple and blunt approach and a very complex section of text, which is once again aimed at riders. It uses humour to sum up the idea of the whole advert by saying; "didn't the scouts teach you anything?" This is trying to point out the fact that this bike is prepared for anything. The text also says, "be prepared..." which is the motto of the scout's organisation.

The text uses repetition and humour to get over how much you really will enjoy this bike, "Perfect for that two hour ride, that turns into a four hour ride, that turns into a six hour ride, that nearly turns into a search and rescue that turns into a that-was-great-we-gotta-do-that-next-weekend kind of ride!" The first advert has used a recommendation from a bike test, "RockhopperA1CompFS, winner of the MBUK bike test April '98" This is especially effective as the advert is on the back of the MBUK magazine.

The first advert has a woman riding the bike. She seems very focused and composed. This is to make you feel like this bike will make you a good, calm and composed rider because the bike will handle the tracks. Owen Grant Both adverts are aimed at the same sort of target audience. Both aimed at anyone who has a reasonable amount to spend on a bike, someone who is interested in mountain biking and needs a good bike which they can rely on. I feel that both adverts are effective because they convey that the bikes are both top quality. The difference between the two adverts is immense even though they are advertising a similar product and are for the same manufacturer.

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