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Leadership And Management Essay

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The essence of leadership Is established by a good leader. A manager can be a good leader only when he can develop and motivate his employees to give their best. He should be able to effectively manage the human resources provided to him so that the organizations achieve their maximum targets. Whereas on the other hand management is one of the main functions of organizations which are concerned with achieving effective performances and are required to achieve set goals and targets of the organization.

Management Is required to see that the firm achieves their profits and is rising in market. Leaders and managers show unlike skills and techniques which are closely connected and sometimes its gets very difficult to differentiate between them. Both are very necessary for the success of an organization but management is a task focused whereas leadership Is people focused. It means that management Is there to ensure that the work gets done and tasks are achieved to get the desired outcome.

Management means to take actions and initiatives to achieve the desired result with the best possible use of all the resources which are available to the organization. Leadership on the other hand is people focused and people are motivated to give their best. They are made to do the regular tasks of the day with the art of Influencing the people. Business organizations have now a days started to focus more on leadership because they think it's necessary to give employees the focus which is needed to get them started for their work whereas management automatically falls Into place as deadlines are to be achieved efficiently.

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Managers tend to spend more time in managing work to be given to people whereas leaders end to spend time with people. The role of a manger is to administrate whereas leaders believe in Innovating things. Manager focuses on controlling everything whereas leaders inspire people by putting trust and faith in them. Management is always short range view as the manager asks how and when, leadership has long range perspective as they ask what and way (Potion, 2009).

The basic problem with management with is that the managers always want to take full credit which doesn't motivate the employees of the organization whereas leadership means working In would be enforced through force on employees, it creates negative atmosphere whereas leadership promotes positive atmosphere because it concentrates on employees performance level. There are special kinds of leadership styles depending on the organization arrangement like Authoritarian, participative, frees reign etc.

Authoritarian or autocratic style is the form of style in which the leaders guide their employees and explain then what kind of work they want and how to achieve it. This style helps in motivating employees so that company achieves their goals and targets sat. This style of leadership is used for rare occasions whereas participative style is used in most situations. Participative style is that style in which leaders doesn't take decisions alone he includes one or more employees and takes their opinions regarding important decisions.

People think that leaders mostly use this power because they are not capable of taking decisions on their own but this is not true. Than the last method which is used is delegate method. In this method the employees have the full powers to take decisions but if any doubts or question arises Han the leaders are the only one who are held responsible (Maxwell, 2012). Management styles are consultative, autocratic and persuasive. Consultative management style is the one in which the communication is mostly downwards but the feedback to the management is very necessary for working of the organization.

This style benefits more when the employees are fully loyal towards their company and the labor turnover decreases due to the emphasis on social needs. Autocratic management is the one in which there is very less degree of interaction between the pop level management and lower level management which creates a communication gap and the employees are not motivated to their fullest. Persuasive style of management is more or less like autocratic only.

In this the manager controls the entire decision taking power but takes little help from employees as well. The managers and leaders should use the above mentioned skills so as to make the employees more dedicated towards the company. Both managers and leaders can make the employees perform their best, towards attainment of organizational goals. Thus I would like to conclude by saying that both leadership and management are different from each other in many ways but no organization can work without both of them.

Leadership is the art to influence people to endeavor them in achieving the objectives of the group(Fleming, 2012). Leader should provide proper guidance to the employees so that proper use of other resources can be done. A leader should ensure that human capital is used in the best possible way to increase the growth of company . Leader should be able to see individual talent and develop it also so that he achieve can maximum benefit from it.

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