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Language Corrupts Thought Essay

Language Corrupts Thought Essay Speeches are given all the time, all around the world. Speeches are given to express thoughts and feelings by revealing the speaker’s qualities and opinions, which can impact business, politics, and world events. Politicians are constantly corrupting citizen’s thoughts.

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They do this in order to distort the truth, to gain your attention, and to go along and follow what they believe. In March 2008, Sally Kern stated her position in homosexuality.

Looking through Kern’s speech, she is distorting the truth by telling biased statistics, information that is irrational, and that she is influencing others with her religion view. First, Kern use of statistics is completely biased. “Matter of fact, studies show no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades. So it’s the death knell for this country. ” This so called study is completely biased because she has no proof or evidence that what she is stating is even a bit true.

And she has no proof to prove to us that there have been societies that have died out because they embraced homosexuality. She is a bigot in such a way that she won’t tolerate those who hold different opinions from her own, which is not something we look for in a legislator or anyone who is a part of the government system. Throughout the speech, Kern demonstrates reasons to why she is against homosexuals. “I honestly think it’s the biggest threat even, that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat. OK? ” Homosexuals are not a threat to our nation.

The comparison between terrorism and homosexuals just cannot be made. Homosexuals do not cause a danger to our country or our universe, for that matter. There have been no Americans killed by LGBT citizens, if at all, there are more Americans killing LGBT citizens, not directly, but through suicidal acts. Terrorists have killed thousands of people, posing a threat to our country, which are things that homosexuals have not done. “Homosexuals are already citizens who have equal rights. They want “special rights” for the acceptance of their deviant lifestyle.

I’m thankful that Oklahoma is different than California and New York. I pray it stays that way. ” Once again, Homosexuals do not want “special rights”, all they want is to be able to live their life, married with their significant other. What is so different between a man and woman marriage and 2 men or 2 women marriage? Throughout history, people have stood up for things that they did not agree with. African Americans were segregated for years. George Wallace, former governor of Alabama, said in his inaugural address, “I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. judging African Americans based on the color of their skin. Or the Jewish people taken from their homes to concentration camps judging them based on their religion. Homosexuality is no different. Another thing Kern continuously states in this speech is her religious view, hinting that her religious view is superior to any other. “But if I were to ask you what is the one thing that has made America great, that makes us unique, what would it be?… What made us great is that we were a nation founding on Christian principles… I am not saying everyone has to be Christian; this is not a homogenous nation.

What you have to be is someone who believes in a Judeo-Christian ethic, in other words, in knowing there’s a right and wrong. ” She asked the question, and then answered it herself. Instead of letting the American’s minds wander and to think for themselves, Kern just automatically answered for them without thought of a different opinion. Also, she contradicts herself in that last sentence. She’s telling us we can pick whatever religion we’d like, which is what should happen, but telling us we need these requirements regardless of what religion we believe in or even if we believe in one.

This is said simply to push more people towards Christianity and believe with what she believes in. Kern all the way through her speech, addressed the issue of homosexuality and why she thought it was inhumane and unjust for our country. However, Kern filled her speech with absurd ideas and invalid information. Kern’s speech about homosexuality evidently failed because Kern did not back up information with proof or evidence and tried using her religion to persuade people to side with her. Work Cited http://www. boxturtlebulletin. com/2008/03/20/1662