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Lack of technology at my work

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The term technology is a concept that deals with the knowledge and usage of tools and crafts and how its ability to control and adjust to the environment is affected. Technology also refers to material object that are useful to human nature. They include machines, hardware or utensils amongst other things, at times; it encompasses systems, organizational methods, and techniques. The term can also be generally applied or to specifically applied to specific areas: medical technology, computer technology or construction technology.

It has made it easy for people to research on the internet both academic and general information. Different people have done researches and are still doing and making it available to the net. This therefore means that for works of any company to improve their performance and compete favorably with others, they need enough equipment in their offices so that they can acquaint themselves with knowledge. Lack of or not enough of these equipments will lead to the incompetence of the workers hence low productivity.  (Borgmann, 2006)

Thomas Friedman in his book the world is flat tries to look at technology and its effect on Globalization. To him its technology that has made the world to become a small village. Technology started when man realized the need to make his work easier. In the attempt to make hunting easier, man invented the weapon from the stones; there was also the invention of fire. These discovery helped increase the availability of food and the wheel invention assisted humans in traveling and environmental control. This was due to the need to improve the livelihood of the man.

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As the time moved by and with the increase of population, there also arose the need for man to supplement his food. He was to move from hunting and gathering and start cultivating some crops. This cultivation was to be done with the aid of tool hence technology. However, the recent development in various fields like printing press internet and telephone have has greatly made it easier to communicate. It has made human beings to interact as they share ideas on a global scale as Friedman puts it. In a local setting, information flow in the country moves very first to the citizens with the help of mass media. People now can access any information via the internet and also through their mobile phones.

This is as a result of technology. The convergence of media has done a great improvement and raised the standards of living. Doctor nowadays can monitor the patient from far using different communicative devices connected to the patient. Operation in the theatres by medical doctors is now easily done with the use of computers. (Thomas 2005)

Technology however is made to make the work more efficient and time saving. For any substantial development at any industry, technology becomes a major driving issue. This is because the workers need to get the necessary support as they do the work.

Having enough computers in the office for instance makes it easy for the worker to perform their duties effectively hence the productivity will go high as everybody will be doing his or her best. Lack of the same hinders some or rather reduces performance as more time will be on none constructive issue as they wait for the few to be shared.

However, as we embrace technology, we have to look at both the positive and negative effectives. This is to say that it has had some negative impact to the society and its surroundings in a several ways. In the places where we have industries, there is pollution of the environment hence affecting people’s health.

According to the report of June 2000, on the effect of mobile phone, it says that mobile phones are good devices to use but their side effects are immense. For instance, there develops ear cancer if overused and can even cause importance to men when exposed to private parts for a long time because of the radiations they emit. (Borgmann, 2006)

Technology also has got negative impact on the social values. It is because is the accessibility   to different cultural orientations across the world. This complexity whereby some are constructive while others are destructive might be harmful especially to young ones. The issue of pornography for instance is now an issue at hand. How can it be stopped, remains the big issue with technology?

Is it at the uploading side or at the down loading side? The mode of dressing too is borrowed from the same internet which is a product of technology. Young people tent to borrow some dressing mode that do not conform to the norms and values of the society. This always brings about conflict with parents and other members of the society.

In a nutshell, in any growing world, technology and development go hand in hand. It is easy and time saving. Workers therefore should be provided with enough and efficient equipment for them to be able to operate with easy. This will ensure maximum production. However as we embrace this technology, we should very careful with type of equipment that are being bought. Some of them might be outdated and instead of helping, they cause more harm than good. Others might be expansive digging deep into the company’s pocket yet its performance is not felt. (Borgmann, 2006)

All in all technology is part and parcel of every day life and can not be avoided but be made available for the people use it  for good not evil.  (Bormann, 2006)


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