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Al Reyes married and has a step child and I child of his own has done a lot in his lifetime. His jobs vary from working in a cubicle in his early year to coaching high school sports teams to now teaching and coaching the water polo team at Santa Ana College. His life stories have had a vastly large impact on me, he made me realize that life is not always about money, although with it life would be a lot easier, but all you really need is people and things you love and your set.

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What I really enjoyed bout having him in the class was that he made you listen but not in the way an average teacher would he made you intrigued in whatever it was he was talking about. Although I don’t want to become a teacher later in life he made me rethink this. Response to Brian: I agree with Brian I have put a lot of thought into becoming a teacher/coach but never knew what to teach/coach and who for.

Mr. Reyes has shed some light and has really been making me think hard, asking myself if teaching is actually what I want to do with my life. Have little money but be content with what I’m doing, impacting kids lives in such a way that they don’t even know, it sounds just about equally awarding to me.

My high School basketball coach/Spanish teacher has changed my life in so many ways, from being captain of her basketball teaching me the importance of teamwork, dedication and hard work can take you a long way to my teacher making me work hard. She was also very close to me I considered her more as a friend in ways she was always looking out for me, driving me to go to college, finding me a place to live. If I change someones life the way she has changed mine I know life will be amazing.