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Kenneth lay guilty?

Kenneth Lay was an American entrepreneur who was widely notorious for his part in a corruption outrage that led to the breakdown of Enron Corporation. Kenneth Lay swore that he is innocent on all the things that were charged against him. He further illustrated that the one who should be blamed for the downfall of Enron is no other than Andrew Fastow as well as the Wall Street Journal.

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Lay claimed that he was nothing but an innocent one who got hoodwinked in the process.

Lay stated that all his problems occurred when he treaded into the position after Skilling left. He further argued that he has got nothing to do with all of the predicaments they faced. A report from NPR stated that all of the allegations in the case which were charged on Lay mirror the deeds he took after he took the position after Skilling’s departure. However, this report is a little hypocritical because there are also other cases which were presented in court wherein the allegations concern troubles from before Lay took up the position.

Anyone who had been watching the story could fathom that Lay was really guilty of all the charges against him on the deceit that Enron has committed on the American community. His tales which shows Enron as a fancy company save for the pranks of Fastow and the dire admonitions Wall street Journal is a nothing but bunch of nonsense. As CFO, Fastow definitely did not construct the said frauds that had the Enron dealers merrily chatting about tearing off Grandma Millie. Those kinds of corruption was definitely structured and supported by people from the top.

Lay may go on announcing until the end of his life that he is not guilty of the dealings of his underlings, but still he was accountable for those people he puts in custody and it was definitely his task to examine the allegations of corruption once it was brought under his nose. As could be seen Lay is guilty with all the charges against him, he did society wrong by stealing so much from the American public and he has the nerve to deny and to blame his underlings for all the things he did. With that, I make firm with my stand that Lay is guilty with all the charges against him.


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