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Since Justine Randall Timberline he has been called a natural entertainer, but the beginning of his legacy started off on born January 31, 1981, born to Randall Timberline and Lynn Harmless, in Memphis, Tennessee. His grandfather being a Baptist minister, Timberline automatically grew up in the church where he started singing for the Lord. Also, Timberland's mother was the manager of the all-girl group Nonsense, where he also received some of his musical background.

Justine parents divorced when he was 5 years old, and both got remarried years later, which caused IM to have two half-brothers from his father's second marriage. Since then Justine has always remained close with his mother, and she now owns an entertainment company called Justine Entertainment. Everyone that surrounded Timberline admired him when he sang from an early age. They called him a "natural born" entertainer. When Timberline turned 10 years old, he was already singing at the Grand Ole Pry In Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1993, he gained a huge opportunity to start performing on the Mackey Mouse club when he was only 12 years old with other moon known people such as Bribery Spears, Christina Agiler, and J Chases. After the show came to an end in 1995, he started an all-male singing group NCSC, (that Justine mother came up with) along with Lance Bass, J Chases, Joey Fatten, and Chris Kirkpatrick. They released their first single in 1996 and after their first song, it seemed like the group was unstoppable. In 2000, they released the most-selling album called "No Strings Attached", and created an amazing name for themselves.

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In 2002, after NYSE completed their tours for their new album, they wanted to take a reek Timberline wanted to create a bigger reputation for himself, so after a few months of decision making he made the tough choice to pursue a solo career. After Timberline went solo, he attempted to drop the boy band look, and managed a more mature look. He expressed this in the way he dressed, and the lyrics of his songs. After 5 months, Timberline finally released his first album, and a couple of months later he performed solo for the first time at the 2002 MET Awards. With every outbreak, every superstar has an incident, famous and infamous.

At the end of Justine Timberland's and Janet Jackson's amazing Superpowers performance, Timberline unintentionally pulled off Jackson's black leather outfit, and her breast was exposed. In order to attend the Grammy's, Timberline and Jackson had to make a public apology, Jackson refused to, but Timberline made an apology and won 2 Grammas that night. After that speechless incident, Timberline decided to put the music career on hold, and go into acting. He started that profession off by being the first celebrity on Gaston Sketcher's show Punk's, and doing a few skits on Saturday Night Live.

After a ewe years of acting, Timberline got back In contact with his passion for singing. In 2006, he released a new album Futures/Loveliness, which made Its way up #1 on the Billboards charts within a few days. Timberland's profession has remained very vibrant. In the last 5 years, he has been In a varies of films, such as The Open Road, The Social Network, and Friends With Benefits. In the last year he has released an album titled 20/20 The Experience, and has also on tour promoting his album. He also got married to actress Jessica Bible. In 2013, Timberline shocked America when doe Music Awards.

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