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Jawhar Gram Samridhi Yojna

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Its name then got changed to Jawhar Gram Samridhi Yojna . lt was started on 1 April 1999. The main aim of this programme was development of rural infrastructure. Belief that good rural infrastructure would give rise to many opportunities which poor rural people could benefit and improve their condition. Infrastructure like roads to connect the village to different area, which made the village more accessible and also other social, educational(schools) and Infrastructure Ilke hospitals. Its secondary objective was to give out sustained wage employment.

This was only given to BPL (below the poverty ine)famllnder was to be spent for Individual beneficiary schemes for SCS and ST's and 3% for establishment of barrier free infrastructure for the disabled people. The village panchayats were one of the main governing body of this programme. There it did not feel like an outsider was controlling it, the village panchayats were a part of the people and understood their needs. ThOOO 1841. 80 crore was used and they had a target of 8. 57 lakh works, 5. 07 lakh works were completed during 1999-2000.

Employment Assurance Scheme(EAS) This scheme was started on 1 October 1993. It was first started in 1772 backward areas In 257 districts. The revamped public distribution system was in operation here. It was later expanded to all the 5448 rural blocks of the country. The employment assurance scheme was later renamed red In 1999-2000 to the single wage employment programme. The maln objective was to create wage employment opportunities through manual work for the people inrea living below 13/12/2012 7:31 PM http://en. wikipedia. rg/wiki/poverty_alleviation_programmes_in_lndia the poverty line in the time of acute shortage of wage employment. The other objective is creation of durable community and social and economic for sustained employment and development of the poor. This scheme is available all the poor andy people living below the poverty line who cannot help themselves. preto SC and STs and also to parents of children those who have Just been saved from child labour and from hazardous working conditions who are bellow the poverty line. Also only 2 adults of the family are given wage employment.

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Jawhar Gram Samridhi Yojna

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This programme is carried out and implemented through Zilla parishads and in those states where Zilla parishads are not there, it is implemented through DRDA's. The Zilla parishads finalize all the works in their Jurisdiction which is approved by the MP's(members of parliament)The zliia arisahds are allowed to spend 15% of the funds for the maintenance of the assets formed and created under this scheme. During 1999 and 2000 they had an target of 4091. 63 mandays, 2566. 39 lakh mandays were created and the total allocation of funds during that year was 2431. 46 crore and the amount that was used was Rs 1998. 6 crore. National Old Age Pension Scheme(NOAPS) As the name suggest this scheme provided pension to old people who were above the age of 65 who could not fend for them selves and did not have any means of substinence. The pension that was given was Rs 200 a month. This pension is given y the central government. The Job of implementation of this scheme in states and union territories is given to panchayats and municipalities. The states contribution may vary depending on the state. National Family Benefit Scheme(NFBS) This scheme was started in August 1995 by GO'. This scheme is sponsored by the state government.

It was transferred to the state sector scheme after 2002-03. It is under the community and rural department. This scheme provides a sum of 10000Rs to a person of a family who become the head of the family after the death of its primary breadwinner. A breadwinner is a person who is above 18 who earns the ost for the family and the family survives on his/her earnings. It is for families below the poverty line. National Maternity Benefit Scheme This scheme provides a sum of 500 Rs to a pregnant mother for the first two live births. The women have to be older than 19 years of age.

It is given normally 12-8 weeks DeTore tne Dlrtn ana In case 0T tne aeatn 0T tne cn110 tne women can stlll avall it. The NSAP is implemented by states and union territories with the help of panchayats and municipalities. During 1999-2000 the total allocation of funds for this scheme was 767. 05 crores and the amount used was Rs 596. 99 crores. ANNAPURNA This scheme was started by the government in 1999-2000 to provide food to senior citizens who cannot take care of themselves and are not under the targeted public distribution system(TPDS), and who have no one to take care of them in their village.

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