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The Five Doctrines of Islamic Faith

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Axia college The standard beliefs of Islam are identified as theFive Doctrines of Islamic Faith. They are documented as such, the unquestioned unity of God, the belief in the prophets, the recognition of angels, belief in scripture or koran, and belief in the coming of Final Judgment. Islam is built on the five pillars or acts of worship. These FivePillars describe the expected obligations performed by a Muslim follower. These are described as the basic framework for worship in a Muslim life.

The five are as follows declaration of faith, prayer, having concern for the needy, self-purification, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Pillar number one is Al-Shahadaor the declaration of faith. The pillar outlines that all followers must announce their faith to enter into Islam in the presence of witnesses. A kep point of this is knowing that Allah is the only one worthy of your worship. Pillar number two is Salat or prayer, which is required of all Muslims once adulthood is established. Prayer is a daily occurance to be exact five timesper day. Prayer lasts five to ten minutes each time.

Pillar number three is Zakat or charity. The islam belief is that all prosperity and wealth is only worthy of God, and God’s desire is for Muslims to express generocity in life. Zakat requires the giving of a piece of a persons financial wealth to charity at the conclusion of the year. Pillar number four is Sawm or fasting. Every Muslim is required to fast for Ramadan which falls at month number nine of the muslim calendar. The muslim reasoning for fasting is to cleanse you spiritually and physically as well as focus your attention on spiritual aspects rather than on physical ones.

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Fasting for Muslims includes refraining from eating or drinking anything as well as having sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk. The last Pillar is Hajj or the pilgrimage to Mecca. Every Muslim outside of those who are physically or financially unable, must makethe pilgrimage to Mecca at least once during the course of life. My thought is that the declaration of faith would be the easiest because its a one time pillar that takes a short time. The most challenging would be the fast from dusk to dawn because I would find it difficult to focus all day with no food for 12 hours or so.

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