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Life of Fame

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Life of Fame Marilyn Monroe once said, “Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul” (“Marilyn Monroe”). Marilyn Monroe was an actress, singer, model and showgirl. She is highly regarded as one of the greatest sex symbols of the twentieth century (Lefkowitz 5). "It's better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all" (“Marilyn Monroe”). She starred in a number of successful motion pictures during the 1950’s (Krohn 2). People loved Marilyn Monroe because she was a combination of beauty and brains.

Although Marilyn Monroe was an influential figure, she lived a life of controversy filled with scandalous affairs and life style choices broadcasted for the world to hear and see. Marilyn Monroe had a very difficult life. She was born into the world on June 1st, 1926. She was born at California’s LA General Hospital. Marilyn’s birth name was Norma Jeane (“Marilyn Monroe”). Norma Jeane’s parents weren’t always there for her. She never knew her father, and her real mother was not loving. Gladys, Jeane’s mother, put Norma Jeane into a foster home at age six. She was an orphan for awhile.

When she was in the foster home, she did not feel loved. She felt like a maid in the house she lived in. Living in the foster homes, she felt like she grew up without someone taking care of her (“Marilyn Monroe”) At age nine, Norma Jeane was over weight for her age. She felt different and alone. Jeane often dreamed about being beautiful. In her eyes she thought everything would be easier (Krohn 25). Grace, her favorite foster mom, said, “One day you’ll be a beautiful woman- maybe even a movie star (22). Later on Jeane went to high school. She lived with Grace for 7 years. Norma Jeane loved sports.

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She tried to get into drama, but she thought it wasn’t her thing. She made many of friends and she grew into her body. It was the first time she felt beautiful. Every time she walked, she got the attention of all the boys (30-35). She realized then she liked the feeling of attention (25). Norma Jeane used her beauty to win love and attention of others (Lefkowitz 25). In 1933 Gladys came and took her away from Grace because she got a steady job at a movie studio (18). They bought a house in Hollywood (19). Their address was 6812 Arbol Drive. After a few months, their grandfather died (19).

Gladys went into major depression and was not fit to take care of Jeane. She got put into a ward house, where she would spend the rest of her life (21). Again, Jeane went into a foster home. She thought that marriage was the only was out(41). She married three times, and she got divorced 3 times (43). Norma Jeane realized what she wanted to do in life. She got a job at studios and she decided to go into modeling. She changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. She picked the name Marilyn because she simply liked how it sounded with Monroe. Monroe was her grandmother’s last name (57).

Marilyn Monroe had a very successful career that lead to her untimely death. On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her California home at the age of 36. They ruled out the cause of her death as an overdose, since they found an empty bottle of sleeping pills by her bed. Marilyn Monroe was buried on August seventh (Krohn 113). Over the rainbow played at her funeral. (114). Even today Marilyn Monroe accomplishments in movies are still remembered by many people. Marilyn Monroe had many noteworthy achievements in her life. To begin, she is remembered for her beauty.

Marilyn Monroe is still popular today (“The Lovely Marilyn Monroe”). A person once said about Marilyn Monroe “She will be making people laugh and cry for generations to come”(Krohn 114). Her major accomplishment is being the biggest and strongest sex symbol in the world (“Marilyn Monroe”). Her first movie was in 1946; her first part was an unimportant role as a Telephone Operator in the 1947 film 'The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (Krohn 116). Her biggest movies were Some of Marilyn Munroe's most famous movies were: Some Like It Hot, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Something's Gotta Give, and How To Marry A Millionaire.

She made more than 200 million dollars per-movie (“Marilyn Monroe”). Marilyn Monroe won three Golden Globe Awards: Best Motion Picture Actress in Comedy/Musical for Some Like It Hot (1960), World Film Favorite Female (1953), World Film Favorite Female (1962). She was also nominated for another Golden Globe for: Best Motion Picture Actress in Comedy/Musical Bus Stop (1956)(“Marilyn Monroe”). She went into modeling. She was in she first issue of “PlayBoy”. Marilyn Monroe’s most famous picture was “The Dress”(“Marilyn Monroe”). Marilyn Monroe is most famous for performance of “Happy Birthday” to former president, John F.

Kennedy. In her remembrance, in 1995, the US Postal Service paid tribute to her honoring her with a thirty-two cent stamp with her picture on it (“Marilyn Monroe”). In addition to Monroe’s accomplishments, she set standards in the movie and modeling world of Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe made an impact on the world by becoming a role model for some people, despite all the gossip perpetuated by society. Marilyn Monroe overcame a difficult childhood to become of the world's biggest sex symbols and beauty icons (“Marilyn Monroe”). She encouraged people to believe in themselves (“The Lovely Marilyn Monroe”) She was a voluptuous model.

Today, she would not be a model. She was a size 12 in dresses (“Marilyn Monroe”). She once said “ I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful” (“Marilyn Monroe”). She just wanted to inspire people to follow their dreams because she followed her and she ended up where she wanted to be. She showed girls that you can be happy without a man, but like always said “You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them” (“The Lovely Marilyn Monroe”). She was a strong girl and did not take no for an answer. When they were looking for a blonde head girl, she dyed her hair.

She tried her best to get what she wanted. Some people underestimate her for being a dumb blonde, but her favorite thing to do was read (“Marilyn Monroe”). She loved challenges and attention. She was the ultimate role model for young women and girls who admired her glamour and image. She knew she was not flawless. She had flaws and she sometimes did show them (“Marilyn Monroe”). Even though Marilyn Monroe left a positive impression on the world, her actions resulted in negative rumors about her. These rumors was not what people made her out to be. To some people, she was sleazy and a dumb blonde.

Since people thought that, they also believe she had twelve abortions before the age of twenty-nine. Some may look down on her because of her appearance in the first issue of Hugh Hefner's Playboy as the first Playmate (“The Lovely Marilyn Monroe”) She posed naked for Playboy. She was Playboys “Sweetheart” in December 1953. One of the most scandalous things people still talk about it is her performance to the president. It is known as the National Scandal. She performed for President, John F. Kennedy, on his forty-fifth birthday. On May 19th, 1962, she sang Happy Birthday at Madison Square Garden.

It was a Democratic fundraiser. Later that night, a black and white picture was taken of them laughing and talking. The picture is worth fifty thousand dollars, it is the only picture of the together. After that night, some people thought that Marilyn Monroe and JFK had an affair. Later on, things got around that she was involved with Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy's brother, around the time of her death. Sadly, no one will ever know if any of that was true because two months later Marilyn Monroe died, so did the Kennedy brothers. It has been fifty years and that rumor still goes on (“Marilyn Monroe”).

Rumors are that Marilyn was being monitored by the Kennedy's and the Mafia (“Marilyn Monroe”). Since these thoughts got around, she was looked down on. She was supposed to be a role model for young girls all over the world. She stood for independence in women. In effect Marilyn Monroe set an inadequate example for young girls by having these affairs. Marilyn Monroe’s death had a devastating and permanent impact on the world; no one saw it coming. She was found dead in her California home. Her death was declared a suicide by an overdose of sleeping pills, but many signs show it was murder, making it impossible for a suicide (Berman 132-133).

Marilyn Monroe was a sweet, innocent, vibrant young woman who got caught up in the glamour of show business. She took miserable situations and made a brilliant career out of herself. Marilyn Monroe's troubled life and apparent suicide, along with her failed relationships with the very high profile men in her life, aroused sympathy and interest amongst her fans. This helped Marilyn Monroe's career as a legendary figure (“Marilyn Monroe”) Marilyn Monroe joined The Walk of Fame on February 9, 1960. Her star is placed at 6774 Hollywood Boulevard.

Marilyn Monroe left a mark on the world that can never be changed. She set the standards for modeling and acting that no one can ever even attempt to meet (“The Lovely Marilyn Monroe”). Some of her rumored actions were forgivable, but the Playboy incident smirched her reputation. She was supposed to be a role model for young children, yet she modeled naked for everyone to see. This inappropriate action led her to a lowered self-image, which impacted negatively in society; however, she will still live on through her legacy in our hearts.

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