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 Innovative IT technologies have opened previously closed doors for companies operating in hospitality and tourism spheres. State of art software solution is able to enhance company’s staff efficiency along with multiplying financial benefits gained from doubled flow of customers. We live in time, when the best imaginable software solution for any sphere can become a reality in days. The extensible markup language separates perfectly the content from style.

On the other hand Data Mining gives an opportunity to diagnose the requirements accurately addressing needs at runtime. Open source software is accessible thru the internet. Successfully operating organizations in hospitality and tourism sphere got it right launching the state of art managerial programs for staff and assets, and implementing new services frequently. Club Management Club Sec is a lending club system developed with the purpose to create an efficient registration on line system for lending (Levitt, 2000, p. 2). The most important features designed by SEC Company include the continuing servicing of all previously registered and funded accounts, immediate access user to his online account, instant portfolio monitoring, and funds accessibility without unexpected changes to happen. All this description ensures the customer in substantial security of his deals and reliability of selected vendor. Important Features for State of Art Solution to be used in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The selected system should to be an up-to-date full-featured system contributing to the efficient solution of problems that hospitality and tourism establishments face. One of the main tasks is an automation of the existing stereotyped registration system and customers requirements fulfillment. Service processes’ automation envisages knowledge management, automation of workflow and paper work, reporting, personnel management, advanced billing system, efficient accounting of the funds, implementation of insurance activities, etc. Read about Carson Container company

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The provisions for future system development should be focused on creating advanced software system for industry, enlarging the common information space, development of popular e-card of every client, covering the whole service process of the clients, support of the decision-making process, monitoring the overall condition of clients’ profile, including the level of satisfaction from services received, accurate analysis of dynamic parameters, integration with the various equipment broadly used in the sphere, creation of standard reporting forms.

Main Components of Informational System The popularity of the Sec system is guaranteed with its interactive facilities, advanced facilities for the group work, capacity to provide the facilities of the individual work of the user, automation of the activity, integration of the existing infrastructure into the system, safety and security of the informational system. For successful system integration it is required to obtain IT equipment, video surveillance system, network, communications system, storage of the information, situational centre.

Within technical characteristics of Club Sec System, I would like to stress facilities, which are important for efficient team work of service providers (Gannon, 2009, p. 1). Electronic Meetings are implemented with intention to cover conference planning, system of video conferences, opportunity to combine video and audio-conferences, recording and storage of the conferences, search system and preparation of the reports. Work planning process is to be accomplished with the automation of the plan development process and monitoring of the fulfillment.

Project and process management is a substantial part of the system operating with management of the complex measures, management of the economic activity of the establishment, etc. Security is the key point of the system, which is concerned with the protection of all levels of access to the information system, the organizational measures software and hardware measures, the monitoring of the system usage, management of access rights, and usage of personal electronic digital signature.

References: 1. Levitt, A. (2000). Speech by SEC Chairman: Remarks at the Economic Club of Washington. U. S. Securities & Exchange Commission, 6 April, p. 2. 2. Gannon, P. (2009). Lending Club SEC Update During the Quiet Period. Personal Loan Portfolio, 20 June, p. 1. 3. NFS. Hospitality & Leisure IT Solutions. Retrieved from http://www. nfs-hospitality. com/, 26th of May, 2009.

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