Adoption of Innovative Recruitment System

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Medtronic is using seminars, workshops and university career fairs as a means of reaching the potential job applicant. Although the organization finds this means as cost effective and time saving, but considering the potential of technology as a means of reaching the desired audience, the reality seems to contradict. Organizing seminars and fairs is actually a very tedious task and it is not so easy. Booking of venue, publishing and sending the invitation to people, arranging for refreshment, contacting the resourceful persons are some of the task involved in organizing these huge events.

It takes up much of the company's resources (financial as well as human) and time. Hence the company can exploit the huge communication technology for the recruitment process. The electronic and print media can be used. These means are more effective, efficient, reliable and fast. First of all, company can use the mass media (broadcasting or television) as well as newspaper and business magazines to advertise that job vacancies are available.

Then for further information about job description, skills and experience requirement etc, the interested applicant can visit the company website and also register themselves electronically if they are eligible for the job. The company can also deliver free prospectus on the online request of the applicant. (Iansiti, 1997) Further, the concept of email marketing, in which advertisement emails are sent to the selected email ids, can be used to target people who company wants to recruit.

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The company's website can host blogs, forums and discussions etc so that different individual can share their thoughts and ideas about the company and its job offers. There should be further option of help though phone or email in which company's representative attend people's complains and requests and try to respond promptly. Thus the whole process of using internet, telecommunication and different form of media for recruitment purposes are definitely very advantageous for the company. (Iansiti, 1997)

Problem Two: Training for Cultural Sensitivity and Inter-culture Communication Skills Medtronic is famous for its recruitment of diverse workforce and it should recruit culturally diverse employees for it is a multinational company having diverse clientele. But the process does not end here; adopting culturally diverse people in the workforce requires long hard work of maintaining them and assuring that they are treated fairly in organizational structure. Most of the hidden and subtle employee's conflicts arise because of this diversity.

The conflicts, however, does not come to the surface but it inevitably breeds inside and results in destructive behaviors by the employees. And this can be regressive in terms of employee's performance and job satisfaction. Medtronic should adopt active strategies to instill cultural sensitivity in employees. Employees should be given formal classroom teaching, seminars, conferences and on the job exercises. Employees should be helped in eliminating their stereotypes and changing their ethnocentric attitude.

The office structure and environment should be such that there are increased chances of communication between culturally diverse employees. Communication helps in breaking many barriers among people. There should be a day in a week when all the colleagues appreciate other's culture and organize culture party where different types of cuisines are served. This will help people to see other's culture and values in positive terms. (Albrecht, 2000) Problem Three: Evaluation of Company's CSR Initiatives Medtronic is involved in many activities for social wellbeing.

Many of its employees volunteer in many types of social program. Many institutions and organizations have stake in the working of Medtronic. These stakeholders try to ensure that the operation of the company is ethical and environmentally friendly. Medtronic therefore is very careful in meeting the needs of these stakeholders. Medtronic should take a step forward and should evaluate it CSR activities. This requires that Medtronic should first develop its CSR objectives. Then strategies should be developed so that these CSR activities can be done in efficient and effective way.

And lastly the result, impact or positive changes these CSR activities brings to the lives of the local people should be compared with the company's objectives to determine how much company has been successful in attaining its CSR objectives. Further more, CSR auditing should be carried out company wide and the results should be included in the financial statements. Recently many companies use triple bottom line statement to include the effect of social and environmental activities along with the financial one.

Medtronic should also include triple bottom line in its financial statement which will obviously increase its credibility among the stakeholders. (Parker & Wall, 1998) Also, the employees who take out time to volunteer in the social activities should be recognized and appreciated. Their social performance should be evaluated and be made important criteria for organizational promotions. Company should organize annual awards functions in which these employees be given accolades for their exceptional work. This will keep the sprits high and will provide further motivation for social activities. (Parker & Wall, 1998)

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