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Cyp 3.1 Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

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1. 1 There are many different factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services. The factors to take into account when planning indoor healthy and safe environments and services include: Floor area: The floors should be even and easily cleaned and free of clutter and debris that could cause a trip or fall. All mats etc should have gripper underneath so as not to cause a fall. Lighting and air condition: There should be there should be sufficient lighting and air circulation, for eg: on a hot day windows should be opened.

Secure hazards around the area in question: Making sure all hazards in the environment are correctly taken care of for eg: depending on child age plug sockets should have covers and stairs have safety gates, all hazardous products and substances are correctly labelled and stored away from reach, medication locked in a secure location. Emergency planning: Making sure that all escape routes are known and instructions are clear and fire exits are not blocked. That fire extinguishers are all clearly labelled.

Telephone numbers are to hand if necessary. The factors to take into account when planning outdoor healthy and safe environments and services include: Gaining consent: Written consent for a child/young person to attend the planned event. Individual needs: Evaluating each individual needs for eg a wheelchair user might have difficulty on sand, deaf and hard of hearing individuals would have difficulty at the cinema. If an individual has incontinence needs. Medication users and nutritional needs also have to be assessed and taken into account.

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Environmental issues: Take into account the weather, if the weather is due to be hot sun cream, hats and water would need to be taken. On cold wet and windy days coats, waterproof clothing and shoes would need to be taken. Emergency planning: Taking along a first aid kit and emergency numbers of contacts and general practitioner. CYP 3. 1 Support children and young people’s health and safety 1. 2 Health and safety is extremely important in the work place. To be able to monitor and maintain a health and safety programme within the workplace a programme of safety issues and checklist need to be negotiated.

The negotiated terms and plans put in place are extremely essential to efficiently monitor and maintain health and safety. For worker to then enforce this programme training must take place. It is during the training process that workers will be made aware of and risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely having been shown the safe practices. This training of the practices of health and safety will encourage and ensure that this programme of safety measures are correctly practiced. To ensure this process the programme will need to be monitored.

To make sure that the programme is maintained especially to a high standard regular inspection must take place alongside refresher training and testing. Once all workers have been trained in the practice of health and safety there needs to be encouragement given and regular information or practice updates. Daily handover or pre-shift meetings could be used to give information or weekly meetings. A safety tip board could be used; promotions could be used to encourage workers to practice safe work practices.

CYP 3. 1 Support children and young people’s health and safety 3. 3 An example from my own practice of risk management whilst supporting children or young people would be whilst preparing a meal with the individuals. Firstly a check would be made to ensure that the individual is able to participate in the activity. Once this was established checks would be made to ensure that there are no food allergies. Basic Hygienic rules of the kitchen would be used such as, hand washing, preparing the area to be used.

Whilst cooking especially whilst using Sharpe instruments such as knives care and attention would be practiced and correct chopping boards used for different foods. All pans being used on the hob would be placed with the handle to the rear of the oven to ensure that they could not be knocked over, and safety measures such as making sure oven gloves were used to handle any hot items such as pan handles and oven trays. To ensure that the food was correctly cooked, recipe cards or books etc would be strictly adhered to. Food would be checked to ensure correctly cooked for eg: using food thermometer. If the food was not to be eaten straight away correct measures would be used to store it, especially in the refrigerator. The kitchen would be cleaned and inspected after the event. CYP 3. 1 Support children and young people’s health and safety 4. 1 Accidents Any accident’s that occur should be logged in the accident book and all details filled in i. e. the person or persons involved in the accident, any injury to the person involved, where the accident took place and the time the accident took place.

Any medical attention if needed should also be logged in the book. It is also essential to contact the parents or guardians of the person or persons involved in the accident to be contacted, as well as your supervisor. Incidents In the case of incidents for example if a child or young person gets lost or runs away you should immediately contact the police. You would need to give a full description of the child or young person and what clothing they were wearing and any medication they may be taking at that time.

You would also need to inform their social worker and parents of the incident. Emergencies In the case of an emergency such as a fire you should sound the fire alarm and exit the building by the nearest fire exit and make your way clear of the building and contact the fire emergency services immediately. You should only tackle the fire yourself if you feel competent in doing so. Illness In the event of a child or young person becoming ill you should phone for medical advice making shore u let them know of any medication the child or young person may be taking at that time.

Also contact the parents and your supervisor to let them know what is happening and when you get back to your work place record what has happed in the log book. CYP 3. 1 Support children and young people’s health and safety 4. 2 Recordings All recordings of accidents, incidents, signs of illness and other emergencies should be logged in the accident book and your supervisor should be notified. Reporting You should report all accidents, incidents, injuries and signs of illness to your employer and depending on the accident, incident, injury and signs of illness seek the correct medical advice.

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