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Increase Security Settings For The Network

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LANA which can communicate with each other as if they were all located in the same physical segment. PLAN allow us to group the devices into a single domain, which enable us to confine broadcast traffic to devices that needs the access, and also will reduce the traffic on the rest of the network. The benefits of PLAN are the following: It will provide us with higher performance. It will improve our manageability over the network. It will simplify the software configurations.

It will increase our security options for the network. To improve the performance in these company, the possible implementation of switches to re-route people straight to the router instead of going through different hubs. In order to reduce the network congestion, we can divide the network logically speaking into broadcast domains which will add security to it. All the departments in the organization will be divided by their group function, given them their own segment. By having the network divided into four sections, the network will better secure by making each section compartmentalize.

We can achieve this by having each section logically separated from the rest which will restrict the access from segment to segment. If we want to increase security on the network, this is the way to do it. In controlling the access to the individuals segment on the company, we can establish users groups based on their required function; allowing the segment to access the information needed and making sure that only those who need it, access it. The PLAN membership to use could be a port assigned based, this will facilitate the future reorganization of the physical network layout.

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The type of switch that we an use could be Layer 3. Layer 3 will give us the ability to have a greater control over the LANA, user assignments, and network which Layer 2 will failed to provide us with those benefits. We can use an IEEE 802. SQ trucking protocol; this protocol will help us to reduce the dependency on vendors regarding the hardware we need to use, since this protocol is not proprietary. WAP (PLAN Trunk Protocol) will increase the speed as well as the efficiency regarding our network performance. It will lower the inconsistencies in configurations which would happen after any modification in the network.

We can configure switches to work in different WAP modes. These modes are VT server mode, WAP clients, and WAP transparent. In the server mode, we can create, modify, and delete PLANS. In the client mode, it will behave like the server mode but it will lack the ability of creating, change or delete PLAN. In the transparent mode, forward WAP advertisements that they receive out their trunk ports in WAP Version 2. To avoid any possible malfunction of the PLAN network, we should make sure that the network is properly set to be layout as a star topology physically speaking. By Rudolf-Archimedes

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