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Inanimate Object

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The darkness is slowly scaring me making me feel overwhelmed. I can’t see anything. I feel suffocated and musty with all these boxes stocked next to me and on top of me. I’ve been here for so long and I feel so hopeless and useless. Then suddenly a bright light shines on me and I finally feel free from this very comfortless home. I wish someone would open this lid on top of me so I can breathe in the fresh air. But here I am staying strong and just patiently waiting. Then suddenly, I am lifted, opened, and place on top of a flat surface. I feel so nervous. I am hearing human voices. My wish is granted. It is my time, and I am free! My thoughts are running, I wonder if this little boy will pick me. My skin color is black with a shade of silver and red. I have thick bottoms and have plenty of grips. I was made from China but I was made to improve performances, protect ankles, and give extra comfort. I was created prepared. As my top is removed, the open-air almost suffocated me. Just then I was lifted into the air and slammed onto the floor.

Then suddenly for the first time, I feel human feet inside me. I am moving. He’s walking back and forth with me and I can see my reflection through the mirror on the floor. I look handsome on his feet. Matching white socks would go so perfectly with me. He took his feet off me, and before I can even prepare myself for what is about to happen, I am swung into the air, and slammed back inside the box. He still hasn’t closed the lid, I can see the little boy staring at me with such an unsure face. I was tossed inside the box and the lid of the box is slammed, I’ve been here before. As light shines on me, fresh air hits me again, and I’m home. I am inside the little boy's room. He finally took me out of the box and he tried me on once again. He’s running around with me, jumping up and down. Ouch! I am not used to all this impact and pressure, although the boy is little. He’s looking at me through the mirror, and I can see that he has bought white socks as well. I am ecstatic, I do not want bare, smelly feet inside me. My owner finally takes his feet out and puts me on the bed and walks away.

Patiently waiting, the little boy comes in rushing, full of energy, and I can see him changing into basketball shorts and putting socks on. Then a sudden whip-lash, he grabs me and he slips his feet inside super fast. He’s running now, I can feel myself being stepped on, and I am also stepping on the dirty floor. He runs outside, and this is my first time stepping on concrete, I hope I don’t get creased or stepped on by other shoes. I am so nervous I can barely catch my breath. I can feel sweat and moist already surround my soles. We finally arrive at the park. I see my fellow basketball shoes all looking very sharp, but I believe nothing can compare to me I am the best, and I am here to make sure I protect my owner's ankles and feet and to help him play better, and give him the extra boost to hop and jump. As my owner is running, I see the ball is dribbled in front of me. As scared as I am as of now, I have to face this. This is my job. My owner and I just jumped. And before I knew it I was back on the ground. Here I am still keeping up and running. I’ve gotten stepped on so many times. I am exhausted.

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I’m moving left to right and running back and forth a full-court so fast. I just want. I have so many scratches and dirt on me from all the other shoes. I hope my owner finishes playing already. Before I can take one final breath, he suddenly stopped and we started walking. I’m guessing he’s tired. I wish we can head home already. Finally, we arrive home. I am extremely weary and depleted, but my spirit is still strong. I feel so accomplished that although I was beaten up and left like this, I’ve completed my main task to protect my owner, and at the same time make him look good and keep him safe. As my owner takes me off, I feel so much air coming inside, I can breath better, he picks me up and wipes me with a cold wet cloth. He puts me back in where I belong. The box is closed, and darkness once again overtakes me. Even though I am unaware of when the next time I will step on the ground, hopefully soon, what I do know is that I’ve completed my main task. And instead of being in a dark room suffocated with other boxes, I am home, waiting for another adventure.

Me as a Writer

In the essays “How Computers Change the Way We Think” and “Is Google Making Us Stupid” both authors address the issue that throughout the years technology has changed the way we think and process information. In Nicholas Carr's "Is Google Making Us Stupid" he describes how the internet shapes the way we process material when reading.

Before people use to take their time and read and analyze text, but now we skim through it. While reading, people most of the time rush through it to get the gist of it. I occasionally find myself running through pages of a psychology book to get the answer to a question as fast as possible. In Sherry Turkle's "How Computers Change the Way We Think" she lists different topics and how the computer effects each of them. For example, privacy was sheltered in the past where now it has become open. We now have twitter and facebook for the whole world to see.

Sherry Turkle writes about her experience at an institute of technology where a professor spoke about how calculators are make a negative impact on students. Students are using calculators and relying on a piece of technology to punch in numbers and calculate the equation for us without us even having to think about the problem. Instead of using a pen and paper and step by step problem solving in our heads and making our brains work we rely on technology to do the work for us. Aside from relying on calculators the main source that people rely most on is computers.

Computers have changed people in many different ways. For example a research paper. Books were the main source for gathering information to write a research paper, but now people just use computers are click on link after link to find all the information they need. This affects how people process information because instead of reading deep into the book and understanding the information, they briefly skim through the internet and find the information they need.

From reading both pieces, I can understand each of the points that were
brought up. I feel that in today's world computers and digital technology are a main source of connection, productivity and distraction. Due to this and to a constant exposure to the basic functions of a computer, digital technology such as video games, for example ipads, and the internet itself, we are being influenced what we do and accomplish online.

This is affecting the way people act and interact with others socially. Being behind a computer changes the way you think. It is easy to respond to others due to the fact that you have time to think about what you want to say and how you are going to say it. People just type away and when done they have the ability to fix what they are about to say. It changes how they act with people face to face because they don’t know what to say and don’t have time to think about it.

Sherry Turkle also talks about privacy and how in the past our privacy was sheltered and now has no meaning because people are unaware that privacy is a right not a privilege. Students ‘blog’ and ‘tweet’ about personal information that on some social networks is available for the entire world to see within minutes of posting.

Both Carr and Turkle relate to one another in the sense that they agree that computers are influencing the way we understand and process information. They both say that we can take on the qualities of a computer and can influence the way we speak and write.

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Inanimate Object essay

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