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Importance Of Telekinetic Project In Cambodia

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Moreover, it saves time and healthcare expenditure. This essay aims to discuss the comparisons between two projects, in Cambodia-partners Telekinetic project and a remote volcanic group of Islands In South Atlantic Ocean-Telemeter comes home. To begin with, recent studies illustrate that there are many benefits of using telekinetic, especially for the least developed environments like Tristan dad Chunk and several distant places in Cambodia. It can be used effectively via 24-hour satellite-internet connection in Tristan De Chunk; first of all, It Is helpful for doctors to monitor patients' conditions and even for surgery.

According to a foreman of medication at IBM named Richard Baklava, "What we are starting to see now is a patient-doctor model. " It is presently ordinary that physicians send patients' information such as X-rays in a computer program version to other experts. For example, If Dry. Van De Mere requires advising specialists, he can function It over a video link. As the technology amends, a mechanical-liked operation system called Dad Vinci was used to remove a gall-bladder on a patient in the year of 2001. (The Economist, 2008, p. 3) In Cambodia, telekinetic is typically used In provinces In some resource-poor areas the same as In South Atlantic Ocean, too. The Cambodia villagers, especially those who live In Roving and Ban Lung, have been very grateful for the provision of internet access. To be able to send and obtain data, the local populations need solar and generator- powered satellite dishes, wireless technology and mobile systems to approach. Furthermore, telemeter mostly works on some sicknesses like malaria and diarrhea that are likely to be occurred on kids in the remote Cambodia.

On the other hand, without the motormen who take responsibilities on delivering patients' information to physicians, it is almost impossible for the villagers to know what recklessly goes wrong with their health. (Hellmann, 2005, Internet). In other words, with the aids of the internet, telekinetic has cured and saved so many people's lives. Taking the ill patients at Roving in Preach Viewer province as an example, if they want to visit the doctors at Phonon Penn city, they have to spend time and fees on traveling to receive better treatments or Just to have simple health check-ups.

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As regards to a Cambodia report, It states that almost 80% of the residents derived a great satisfaction from the resistance involved and that they would be willing to foot 1 OFF hey are not required a direct visit to the specialty hospitals. (Heinlein, 200, internet) Similarly, Tristan dad Chunk, does not have an airstrip to provide clinical heath care for urgent situations, therefore, it would be a difficulty to contact other places in the world face to face in approximately one week.

Importance Of Telekinetic Project In Cambodia essay

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