Importance of Prayer

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Importance of Prayer What is Prayer Prayer is the utterance from your spirit to God. In simple terms, talking to God is called prayer. It's the simple opening of one's heart to our Father in Heaven. It's coming to Him and telling Him everything in your heart. Then, why do we find praying so complicated? Those of us who say, 'I don't pray because I don't know how to pray, haven't understood that prayer is just being yourself and talking to God with honesty and sincerity. When I was growing up, I found prayer very boring. It's because it just seemed like an endless stream of meaningless words to me.

However, when I truly understood what prayer meant (that it's speaking to God with complete honesty, without any kind of masks or worrying about how and what you talk), my whole perspective about prayer changed. Prayer today is not a burdensome task that I have to complete everyday, but a joyful time I spend with my Lord. It's such a privilege to be able to talk to the King of Kings; to share my innermost thoughts, my deepest desires! However, this privilege came at a price. Jesus Christ died on the cross for me, for my sins, just so that I could enter the throne of God's grace with confidence. So is it for you!

What is the Importance of Prayer Drawing Nearer to God... If you do not pray, if you do not talk to God, you can never learn more about who He is. To understand the Father heart of God, we need to pray. To lead a life of intimacy with God, we need to pray. In John 15:15, Jesus says He no longer calls us his servants, but calls us His friends. Moreover, in 1 Corinthians 3:9, God calls us His fellow workers. But, how can we be His fellow workers if we refuse to talk to Him? Tool to Bind Powers of Darkness... Prayer is powerful and you need to remember, the words uttered in prayer have wonder-working power.

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Do not underestimate the power of prayer. The Devil is constantly trying to discourage us, demoralize us and weaken our faith in God. When tempted to fall into sin, pray. Prayer gives us the power to overcome. Pray gives us the strength and the faith to finish the race marked before us in this life. Prayer Changes You... Why are parents so worried about the company their children are in? It's because they know the company you are in, can influence you. The influence may be positive or negative, but there sure is an influence.

The more time you spend with God, the more your face will shine with the radiance of God. The more your nature will resemble the loving nature of God. Our habits and lifestyles change. We no longer live selfish lives, but love others with a pure and sincere heart. Prayer changes us from the inside, which soon gets reflected on the outside. Prayer Protects... It is important to pray for God's protection on your family everyday. Pray for your parents, spouse, children every single day. Parents have the responsibility to make their kids understand the importance of prayer.

Children are extremely vulnerable and the choices they make during their growing up years will shape their future. Pray for God's protection upon their young lives. Prayer Heals... Jesus healed the sick while He was on Earth. He also gave authority to His disciples to heal. Jesus Christ has also given each one of us who believes in Him, the authority to heal. Pray for emotional, spiritual and physical healing for yourself and for those around you. Walk towards Him and you will be healed. Prayer Brings Developments... There's no point in getting frustrated. One must fast and pray.

There is power in fasting and praying. Fasting and prayer is powerful. Fast and pray on a regular basis (weekly or more frequently if possible). Select a time when you have the house to yourself, so you will be free to sing and pray aloud. Start by singing a few choruses, then begin reading the Bible. After that pour your heart out to God and share your burdens openly. Then read some more from the Bible. Don't stop fasting and praying even if you feel the breakthrough is taking too long. Continue fasting and praying. You will receive the answers to your prayers.

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