Idi Amin Worst Leader Of Uganda

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Born in 1925, Idi Amin was unquestionably one of the most significant leaders since 1971 to 1980. He had achieved a great deal and had had an extremely negative impact on his people, his country and the international community. During his reign, Idi Amin had managed to gain total control of Uganda and murder a ridiculous amount of people who opposed or challenged his view. Further, he used lies and deceit to get into power and then abuse the trust of his people. Finally, his actions in supporting Britain caused a famine in his country.

Essentially, Idi Amin was a significant leader; however it was for all the wrong reasons. Throughout Idi Amin’s time as leader, he was able to commit a number of heinous acts towards his society and against the rights of humanity. One particular event of which was most significant during his time as leader was a mass murder of over 250,000 people in his country, which he holds responsible for. The mass murder primarily involved anyone in Uganda that opposed against his views and the expulsion of Asians. In 1975 the body of one of his four wives was delivered to Mulago hospital.

It had been chopped into pieces by Idi Amin himself for reasons being that she had been impregnated by another man. This proves that Idi Amin will not stand by any person in his life that resists against his wishes and establishes the brutality from within his character. Amin was able to manipulate a large majority of his people to secure his place for leader of Uganda, only then to abuse the trust of his people once elected. These actions soon lead on to further corrupt movements that had a negative impact on the people of Uganda.

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When Idi Amin presented himself as the opposition leader for Uganda, he announced to the people that if he were selected as president he would turn their country into a democracy. This false statement had given him much popularity from his people, which then resulted in him becoming leader. Once in power Amin abused this trust by cancelling elections and turning the country into a dictatorship. These events highlight that he was a negative ruler, but signify his importance. A further demonstration of his negative rule, Amin, through his relationship with Britain brought about a famine. Before Idi Amin became leader, Uganda as a part of the British colony. Idi Amin had never gotten a proper education, though was able to gain a name in society due to joining the British army and getting promoted to colonel after a short period of time. He had gained a very good reputation in the army and was seen to have excellent leadership qualities; for example, When Britain was going through a recession that later on lead to an extreme food shortage for their people, Idi Amin had collected a very large quantity of Uganda’s farm crops to support Britain during their hardship despite the fact that starvation was still a major concern for his people at the time.

Idi Amin believed that putting aside the health of his country In order to develop a good relationship with the leaders of Great Britain was much more vital at the time. The great challenges Amin had face during his lifetime such as the time he spent in the army and the difficulties he faced as leader of Uganda, eventually lead to his destructive behaviour towards his people, his country and the international community. Amin's rule was characterised by gross human rights abuse, political repression, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement, each of which all had an extremely negative influence towards his society during his reign.

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