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Identify Style Substratum

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Retain clients to generate repeat purchases and initiate referrals. ; Maintain a professional Image at all times. Aka-up complete makeover gallery SMS Saba contact us Mission Statement Our mission is to define, manufacture, and deliver the world's finest, most luxurious stylish products and services at the best possible price. Values Style Substratum values are the qualities, customs, standards, and guiding principles that governs all its activities and will help the foundation and its employees succeed. Taken together, they Identify Style Substratum as a unique entity. Personal Stylist ; Image Consultant Change Starts with You Everything to do with the visual expression of a personal brand...

At Style Substratum corporate team consulting so that our clients know how to dress for any occasion. We support the premise that money does not equate a persons' decorum and that originality and verve are key The Style Consultation The Style Consultation is aimed to teach you how to dress your unique body type and build. We will teach you how to dress correctly for your height, shape, size, shoulder type, neck length, bone structure and face shape, to name a few.

During your consultation we will send you an electronic Style Booklet created specifically for you. Each of our clients receive a unique, custom made booklet with over 100 up-to-date garment pictures. This guide includes you place on your body including: Necklines and collars, ; Jackets and suits, ; Dresses and skirts, ; Length of Jackets and skirts, ; Underwear and swimwear, ; Hairstyles and Jewelry, ; Scarves and shoes No item of clothing or accessory is left out.

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Identify Style Substratum

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We also conduct a dress personality analysis during the Style Consultation. It is important to know and understand your personality when it comes to dressing yourself. We will help to determine whether you prefer to dress classic, elegant, feminine, dramatic, creative or sexy. Time: ours 30 minutes cost: R 1 250 Tyler consultation wardrobe consultation shopping home style consultation We will assist you to.

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