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Ice Cream Galore Btec Unit 9

Ice Cream Galore Made by: H. Hassan Index * P1 describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations for a selected product/service * P2 explain the role of promotion within the marketing mix for a selected product/service * P3 explain the role of advertising agencies and the media in the development of a successful promotional campaign * P4 explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign P1

The Promotional mix contains out of different elements who are necessary for the information of all target customers that means it’s not just for the people who already know about the product but also for the people who are completely unaware it all depends on how you use the elements of the promotional mix which are: 1. Advertising Any paid form of non-personal communication through mass media  about a service or product  or an idea is called advertising.

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It is done through non personal channels or media.

Print advertisements, advertisements in Television, Radio, Billboard, Cataloges, Direct mails, In-store display, , emails, posters are some of the examples of advertising. Paid promotion and presentation of goods, services, comes under the advertisement 2. Personal selling This is a process by which a person persuades the buyer to accept a product or a point of view or convince the buyer to take specific course of action through face to face contact. Examples: Sales Meetings, sales presentations, sales training, samples and telemarketing etc.

It can be of face-to-face or through telephone contact. 3. Sales promotion Many different products are often sold with a discount. Companies use these kind of sales promotion a lot. They do this so that more people will buy the product, resulting in a bigger profit or so they can get rid of their old products because they are waiting for a new product to come out 4. Public relations A lot of big businesses also have a negative side. It’s the PR’s goals to make the business look as good as possible for the public 5. Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a way of marketing to a particular group such as young male students Business use very advanced ways into reaching the people they want to inform of their product or discount 6. Sponsorship Sponsorship is a way to of promoting by being connected to someone or something companies pay a lot to like an athlete wearing their name on his shirt P1/P2 BCC BCC is a high tech company selling all the electrical equipment u need at your home. They use the promotional mix to attract customers and sell products. hey use a store as well as a web shop Advertising: BCC has got a lot of commercials and nationally known slogans such as “Low Prices High Service” Personal Selling: They use personal selling a lot, try walking in to a bcc store without getting jumped by a salesman. Their strategy is you come in to the store for headphones and you leave with a phone or tv. Sales Promotion: They give you discount ,when u buy more than 1 product and give the opportunity to pay it off with a monthly fee. Sponsorship: They sponsored The Dutch soccer team at WK 2010 named “Het officiele thuis supporters packet “ (http://www. nederlandsmedianetwerk. l/profiles/blogs/bcc-officieel-sponsor-van-de) Direct marketing: They use direct marketing by sending u emails of their discount if you’re in their database because u bought something from them in the past Public relations : They are known because of their slogan Low Prices High Service. If something doesn’t work they will immediately help you out through the phone or at their store The role of their promotion that people are aware that they are there and give them the image that they are the best and reliable with repairs and such so that u feel comfortable with buying a new TV without thinking that it might break .

Unicef Unicef stands for United Nations Children’s Fund. It’s a children rights organisation of the United Nations. Their Goal is that all children get the same rights such as education, food ,vaccinations and help cure aids and other diseases Advertising: Unicef advertises a lot they have people on the streets collecting money. They got commercials and famous people supporting them at benefit concerts here Personal Selling: They do use personal selling by for example the people who come knock on your door raising money or have a stall with unicef shirts and caps that u can buy

Sales promotion: They don’t give discounts because it’s about them helping children it depends on you how much u want to give there are no standard prices Sponsorship :They sponsor one of the greatest soccer team in the world FC Barcelona and the Grand Prix as well as NASCAR. Direct Marketing: They use direct marketing u can subscribe to their site and they send u emails and information about their campaigns or benefit concerts they look for people with a soft hart and care about children I think they mostly aim at rich housewives with children their own

Public Relations: They are extremely kind to u and u can always call or mail them or go to their local office if u have any questions. Unicef depends on promotion they need it so people can donate money to them without promotion no one would trust the organisation with their money they would think that they will just keep it. They promote it with sad children that are all bruised up so that they get your compassion and eventually your money.