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Hyundai Motor Company essay

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Known to be the world’s largest manufacturing facility of automobiles, the Hyundai Motor Company is based in Seoul, South Korea, and is capable of producing an over whelming 1. 6 units every year. In Korean, Hyundai means modernity. The company chose to depict a logo which is a slanted and stylized letter “H”, symbolizing two people (company and customer) shaking hands. Company’s Business Strategy Hyundai Motor Company came up with methods in order to synchronize production planning and scheduling activities among the members of its supply chain.

A scheduled cross-functional meetings and scheduling policies is being used by the company’s production-and-sales-control (P/SC) department on a regular basis to manage supply-chain activities. Recurring environmental, structural and behavioral obstacles were remedied when this process was implemented. Since all companies has its own flaws, the Hyundai management admits that their isn’t perfect, however, improvements with regard to the communication and negotiations with their supply-chain members have been cited since the adaptation of the said strategy.

It has also been noticed that a sound working environment where mutual understanding and respect is apparent among the company’s functional areas resulting to the primary benefit of this coordination which is attaining customer satisfaction. With regards to the company’s successful branch in India, analysts say that one of its strategy was to expand its presence in India while converting its Indian operations into both manufacturing, and export for its large-scale operations.

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The company’s main concern was to top the global car market through this strategic plan. In February 2008, HMIL opened a second manufacturing plant near Chennai. A new plant in Chennai was opened in February 2008 which served as a second manufacturing plant where the company's production capacity to 600,000 cars a year. This made India Hyundai Motor Company the biggest base of production outside South Korea. Quality of Products and Services

Hyundai Motor Company thrives to sustain a globally competitive product-line. It continually keeps up and remain updated of new technological advancements and scientific innovations. The company puts up a firm foundation in major markets for local production Aiming to be proclaimed as a world-class automobile brand, the company never stops exploring possibilities and diverse beneficial techniques in improving brand power strategies in all of its minor and major operations.

Meeting Customers’ Needs Improving Customer satisfaction has been Hyundai Motor Company’s primary objective. This goal fuels the company’s dream to be at the Top 5 in the Global Automakers. Because of this, Hyundai Motor Company is at its best in improving the quality of its after-sales service activities. The company is being guided by the three key elements that influence the satisfaction level of customers, Customer Oriented Service Operation, Quality of the Product and High Quality Service.

Through their investments in several manufacturing plants in worldwide, particularly in North America, India, China and R;D centers in North America, Japan and Europe coupled with its continuous operations overseas, the company’s advancement in the global market inevitable. Works Cited: Company Overview. 23 Apr. 2009 ;http://worldwide. hyundai. com/web/CEO. html;. Hyundai scores top spots in quality survey. 2007. 23 Apr. 2009 ;http://articles. latimes. com/2007/jun/05/business/fi-autos5;.

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