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Hsbc Global Asset Management

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HSBC Global Asset Management is a leading global asset management firm which provides comprehensive investment solutions to institutions, financial intermediaries and individual investors around the world, through its network of offices in over 20 countries and territories. HSBC Global Asset Management comprises four specialist businesses, including Halbis, Sinopia Asset Management, Multimanager and Liquidity, and acts as the global representatives of its specialist investment businesses.

These four businesses manage assets of US$397 billion at end March 2008.Halbis Halbis is an active investment manager focused on delivering sustainable value-added performance in selected areas of the global market. It specialises in European equities, value- added fixed income, Asian and emerging markets equities and some alternative strategies. Halbis manages assets of US$88. 4 billion at end March 2008. Sinopia Sinopia is the specialist in quantitative investment solutions for the HSBC Group, with a network of offices in Europe and Asia. It has assets under management of US$40.

9 billion at end March 2008.Multimanager Multimanager is a specialist business providing multimanager solutions to clients globally. HSBC Multimanager has one of the largest multimanager teams in the world, comprising more than 40 investment professionals (including a dedicated property multi-manager team) based in 11 locations around the world. The global reach of the team locations adds value through highly localised and expert manager insight and allows the Multimanager team to leverage their local market knowledge when building truly global solutions for clients.Liquidity Liquidity manages cash on a global basis, offering local liquidity expertise across both core and emerging markets. Solutions can be delivered on any scale, local or cross-border, regional or global. HSBC Liquidity features a network of more than 60 liquidity professionals worldwide, integrated with and leveraging from cash investment solutions expertise across the HSBC Group.

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HSBC is part of HSBC Global Banking and Markets, a division of HSBC Holdings plc.

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