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H&R Block About the Company

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The company was established approximately half a century ago where it developed a financial services set up that allowed the customers to receive high quality customer service and be able to allow to trust the company in terms of their savings and the return they would receive from the investment. The company is known as the largest tax provider and financial firm in the world that allowed the customers to decide their tax returns and decide their annual savings.

But along with the savings that they receive, the company provides an avenue of investing the savings so that the savings would provide some return to the customer. “H&R Block, founded in 1955, is not only the world’s largest tax services provider but also a fully-integrated financial services company that partners with its clients, helping them save for retirement, buy a home, pay for college, manage a business and much more. ” (H&R Block, 2009 ) Recommendation

Considering the future plan of the company, it plans to provide its customers with the highest value of customer service with the need of tax revisions as well as financial services. Analyzing the current market trend, all the shares are on the sell side where investors have lost their confidence in investing purely because of the overall economic recession. There is a need for the investors to understand why this overall economic recession had occurred and why this stock should not be invested into.

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Since the major portion of the business is to invest in the market, there is a need for the investor to have the confidence that the company will continue to do better. However, the stock market and the other markets have been on the downward trend where any investor or individual would not receive high returns for the high risk that they would incur. The company has divided its investment portfolio into the following components. 1. “Investment planning 2. Cash management, banking and lending 3. Retirement planning 4. Protection planning 5. Small business planning 6. Legacy planning 7. Tax planning” (H&R Block, 2009 )

As all investors are well aware, the concept of putting in money into any market would be considered as an alienated idea because there are a number of families who have lost out on their purchasing power and are unable to plan their daily chores in a manner to save enough for investment. Even though this tough time is considered to be a sell option for most investors, the main idea that Warren Buffet would have considered to take as a step would be to buy the stock and keep it for the long term. However, this can only be done by those investors who have money to spare and are not facing a financial crunch on their own.

For investors who cannot spare the money to invest, they must look for avenues of saving elsewhere and hence, keep the stock with themselves for a long term because once a market goes down, it is bound to go up and hence, there would be an opportunity for the investor to earn big, once the market grows.


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