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How Did My Girlfriend Run Away with My Best Friend

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Last summer my girlfriend ran away with someone else. To make things worse it was my best friend with whom she ran away.

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How Did My Girlfriend Run Away with My Best Friend

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. I was in the 9th grade when I met my ex. She was in the same section with me. To me she was the cutest girl I could ever imagine. On the first sight I had a crush on her. I had the first chance to talk to her in a lab class. I was assigned as her lab partner. Slowly we came closer to each other. One day I proposed her in front of her friends. She accepted. That’s how it all started. Things were going too well. We used to date at least four times a week. We had a perfect relationship for more than two years. But things started to fall apart from the beginning of last year. And it all ended in a single month. The first thing that happened, we had a date in KFC. I reached there in time. But for the first time she was late. So I waited. But she didn’t come. I waited for a whole hour but there was no sign of her. Then I called her. But her number was busy. So I failed to contact her. After waiting for two hours I returned home. The following night I tried to call her again. But she wasn’t picking up. I signed in to face book and I found her online. So I send a message why she didn’t come. After a while I got a message saying I am the one who didn’t come. I was shocked. I thought it was a misunderstanding. So I tried explained everything. But I got no more reply from her that night. Next day I found her in the class. I saw her talking to my best friend Rifat. I went to them and shockingly she ignored me. I asked Rifat what was happening. But I didn’t get any clear answer. Then it was the Valentine’s Day. I planned to resolve everything between us. I knew where to find her on that day. So I went there in time. And in that particular time what I saw I wish I hadn’t seen. I saw Rifat proposing her and she accepted. Later I understood that the whole thing was a lie. From the very beginning she had a crush on Rifat. She just used me to get close enough to Rifat. I am never going to forgive her for using me like this I thought this first. But life will not stand still for me. I know I have to move on without her. Whatever she thought my feeling for her was real

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