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History of Cricket

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Cricket is a sport that originated in England in the 16th century. It became very popular around Europe and then expanded down to South Asia. Cricket was introduced as a sport in South Asia around 1880. Cricket highly affected India and its relationship with Britain and Pakistan in different ways to their communities and sports teams. For Cricket was a sport that united many countries, but also also created different problems for their communities and sports teams. It has caused main problems such as the caste system, the rivalry against polo, and the religious conflict.

As Cricket became a famous sport, it brought together castes from different levels and countries to play. In (Doc.2), it is said that Prince Ranjitsinhji, an Indian cricketer, has joined the Sussex team in England, even though he is of a different race. The author’s point of view was that it’s surprising how the English would accept an Indian to play in their own team. The purpose of the author’s document was to show how a sport like cricket can unite both countries and show that they are both equal, even when the English saw Indians lower than their state of power. It seems that they were equal on the field, but when outside, they see each other as complete opposites

When cricket was popular at the time, the English also played another sport called polo, which is played with horses and mallets. Although England played both sports, India and Pakistan only play cricket. From (Doc.10), the Pakistan Cricket Board see cricket as the only sport that can bring together both countries and they want it that way. It also says from (Doc.1) that Indian cricket players have argued that the English should play in another turf because they are not able to play cricket in their court. The purpose for these documents is to show that South Asia only want cricket because it makes them compatible with the British, unless polo becomes the most played sport that can stop both teams from being unified. But not only can cricket bring apart countries, it can bring apart religions.

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From 1912 to 1936, there was the Quadrangular Tournament held in Bombay, India where Europeans, Muslims, Hindus, and Parsis played against each other. From (Doc.7), (Doc.8), and (Doc.9), it explains how Indians and Pakistanis from different religions view this horrible tournament. It’s purpose is to show how absurd it is to have a cricket tournament have religions go against each other when they are from the same country. For instead of making it an actual competition for the South Asians, it just made it like some sort of war against their separate religions.

Cricket became a bridge that brought South Asia and Europe closer. Through Cricket, South Asia was changed politically, becoming more united as the sport dispersed throughout it’s countries. It also helped diverse religions and other diverse, social factors come together in the same sports arena. We can only hope that diversity would be reflected in every aspect of our day to day life. We can always hope.

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