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Herborist: Marketing and Skin Care Products

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The objectives of Herborist promotion are to increase the new Herborist product awareness, increase number of sales, draw customers, enhance product recognition and brand identity. Hopefully, promotions will also benefits consumers by providing needed information about Herborist value proposition. Since there are several major competitors and local players in the South Africa market, it is important to plan to have effective strategy especially for new player with limited budget.

Herborist promotion strategies will emphasize promotional strategies that reflect the lifestyle of its audience, unique value proposition and the range of media available. Herborist will also using pull strategies which mean focus on demand-driven strategy because we are target directly to the end user. Pull strategies will include free samples, public promotional events such as communities demo event, door-to-door sales, point-of-sale displays, Internet marketing campaigns and telemarketing campaigns.

Media campaigns designed to associate the product with a public good such as Chinese herbal naturalism which will differentiate Herborist’s product with existing skin care products from the competitors in the market. There are several proposal taglines we can use for Herborist in South Africa: * Beauty from harmony with nature * Beautiful & Unique You * Herborist, Herbal for Your Natural Beauty * Feels Natural… * Real Herbal, Real Beauty, and Real You… Media Plan Above the Line

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TV, Radio, Newspaper & Magazine : Herborist will focus on the State broadcasting channel with SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3. SABC1 has the highest viewership, at 70. 6% of the adult population followed by SABC2 with 60%, e. tv with 57. 1%, SABC3 with 47. 6%. For other media, Herborist will work together with Media24 that has The Daily Sun, The paper has a daily circulation of over 500 000 and readership of 7. 7-million, while Media24's other dailies have a circulation of over 800 000. For magazines, Media24 Magazines publishes more than 60 titles selling more than 5. -million magazines a month that are read by more than 8. 7-million people. Banner, Billboard ; Brochure : A high quality multi-folded brochure is to be promoted and distributed to all spa centers, stores, salon and malls. The placement of billboard will also crucial and important. We will place the billboard in the strategic locations which has high traffic of potential customer. The billboard ; banner will distinct with other using bright white with light green color to resemble natural healthy and using English tagline to give high end product.

Online Marketing: The internet user in South Africa has increasing significantly and double from only 5 per 100 people to 10 per 100 people. The internet could also reach wider market and will be delivered to costumer with higher education and income. Regarding digital media, there were 10. 9 internet users per 100 people, 8. 5 personal computers per 100 people and 72. 4 cellphone subscribers per 100 people. Web pages indexed by Google were estimated at more than 10 billion. We also expand our relationship with Media24 Its space on the internet, 24. om , It provides a range of online services, such as careers, shopping, classifieds, property, health, free mail, instant messaging, blogs and photo albums. Media24 also owns South Africa's most popular news site, News24. com Below The Line Sponsorship & Event Marketing: We will be the sponsor for Miss South Africa Beauty Pageant that has been going for almost 50 years. In May 2012, we also are going to sponsor Professional Beauty Durban in Durban that will be focus on trend cosmetic in South Africa.

In October 2012 we also are going to sponsor Look & Feel Good Expo in Cape Town. In addition, we are going to have event marketing throughout the years in beauty demo in small communities also giving public training in skin care products. Sales Promotions: There are several ways to promote Herborist. Promotion 1: 25% Off Services for New Clients in the Spa to take customers away from competitors. Offer them a reason to give your salon a chance. Furthermore, $10 Off Next Service: Every now and then, we need to make our clients special.

Promotion 2: Free $20 gift certificate with the Purchase of a $100 Herborist product. Our clients will love this idea. Not only are they buying something for friends or family, they’re getting a gift for themselves. Or we could $10 Off on Product Purchase of $100 or More. Promotion 3: 10% Off for a Positive Online Review: Many of our first time customers will look up reviews. We will encourage our positive customers to go on directory sites and leave a positive remark about their great experiences using Herborist products.

Public Relations: The week prior to soft launch, the major beauty editors are to be invited for a gala dinner where they will be explain about Herborist products. This is done on a free of charge basis. Local beauty salon and spa are also to be invited to participate. Grand Opening of the Herborist to introduce Herborist’s product line to the region for all local residents and businesses is to be organised with an afternoon tea and snacks on offer. Music and a viewing of the improved facilities will be available.

Herborist: Marketing and Skin Care Products essay

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