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Harvard Business Case

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What are the challenges that Ivan Guile faces in his role as the marketing manager of the RUB business? What is the team currently doing to support the RUB cookies segment? Who is the team currently targeting? Mr.. Guile Is facing the problem regarding the growth of volume In the segment of the Refrigerated Baked Goods (RUB). His mall concern was that as the refrigerated cookie sector is the most profitable and in contrast to market volume of USA it was to in line.

The Canadian Pillsbury ready baked goods cookie line is not doing that well and the marketing manager is under pressure to make decisions that will help turn around the segment. The marketing manager needs the help of the consumer insight team to conduct market research studies that will shed light on consumers and their attitudes, behaviors and preferences towards the product. As the Refrigerated Baked Goods is the fourth one in the category so the refrigerated-cookie reduce line representing 62 % of unit sales and is responsible for 75% of the profit.

Guile had to develop a strategy that would lead his team to improve the business performance. Since RUB was the fourth largest category and the performance was low he wanted to understand what he could do to Increase the profitability. The target market they wanted to reach were mother In their ml-ass's to ass's that are busy with an active life style. 2. Given the key learning from the usage and attitude study on up. -7 of the case, what are the corresponding implications for what actions the team should take?

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The key learning from the usage and attitude study was that the scratch backing Is the dominant method of baking cookies In Canada. The top purchasing drives were the same and cookie dough purchases were Impulsive. The team must conduct a better research to get a better understanding of consumer perceptions towards RUB cookies. 3. By leveraging the results of the consumer research, which consumers should the team target? Please Justify. They should stick to their targeted market.

The target market they wanted to reach were mother in their mid-ass's to ass's that are busy with an active life style. Moms feed the family and the solutions had to be quick easy and practical and pleasing to the children. His team should work strategically align with TV food channels such as the food network to demonstrate that the people get a happy experience from baking from scratch. Cookies are particularly special because they can be made for sharing.

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