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Harold Lasswell, political, scientist, defines political relations as a power battle about “Who gets what, when, and how. ” David Easton defines political relations as an allotment of resources. David Easton defines political relations as the “authoritative allotment of values or scarce resources”. These resources are divided in three general types.

The three resources are:

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  1. Political resources: This resource refers to the country’s power and position backed by their military power. They are called scarce resources because they are looked at in the hierarchal agreement in the universe order.
  2. Economic resources: This resource includes the state’s fiscal resources ( wealth. one-year national income. supply of capital. and investing chances ) . industrial and agricultural production. and natural resources ( oil. coal. H2O. and mineral resources ) . These are besides scarce resources every bit good such as Oil and Water. We must see we can make without Oil but non Water. It is possible we might see H2O wars probably in the twenty-first century.
  3. Social and cultural resources: This resource is related, non straight, to the planetary battle for power ( The battle to vie for and make laterality in an organisation. a province. a part of the universe. or the whole universe ). Unlike the other two resources. these resources are scarce and unevenly distributed around the Earth. As if you were a policy determination shaper. urge to your President which of these resources the authorities should concentrate on getting.

As a policy determination shaper. I would urge to my President to use all three resources. I truly believe I would state the President to be more accountable with all the resources. I would urge to our President to take the Economic resource foremost. I chose this first because of our state is confronting at this minute are enormous adversities. Because we did non acquire ourselves in this state of affairs. we are confronting what the old President’s determination and we are cleaning up now. Discourse how you can accomplish the maximal allotment for the resources you choose.

I truly believe that I would hold done by taxing all like the President has. I would besides give back like he has done by giving back 5 % of his income. All the Congress would hold to give back 5 % of their income. I would cut back on the costs of entertaining that goes on within the White House. The travelling costs and the entertaining would hold to equilibrate each other out. The 2nd that I would take Education and occupations every bit good as health care is my following end. I would do certain the Veterans and the Seniors every bit good as the people who are disable.

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