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Grow a Business

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If given a chance to build my own business even at a very young age, I would rather prefer to establish a merchandising business with a series of convenient stores, which I will tactically locate at different advantageous positions inside the region of Greater Washington for potential expansion, because I believe that in this place, my business will definitely grow. Why is this so? Let me first bring to mind some important points about my personal preferences like the locations that I chose, and the business that I want to have as well, and you will surely have the same opinion as mine in the end of our discussion

What is in Greater Washington region, and why it is said to be the best region for business venturing and for business-minded people like me? Firstly, Washington, D. C. is famously identified as the country’s National Capital Region, and the best region in the world perhaps. That is why it is now called as the Greater Washington. Secondly, the geographic characteristic of the state of Washington is unintentionally situated strategically because Greater Washington is a flat terrain in the midst of the mountainous, riverside and seascape panoramic location, which make the place a very reachable one for everybody. Also read Ibong Adarna analysis

Geographically speaking, the Greater Washington is blessed as it is rested in the great northwest region of Northern America, which is relatively close to the area of British Columbia, one of the urban provinces of Canada. Its eastern part heads the state of Idaho, and going south will reach Oregon State. Directing the western part is the Pacific Ocean while the northernmost part of Washington has the marine boundaries having different passages such as the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Haro Strait.

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Having this positioning, accessibility of the place is really extraordinary and incomparable. Transportation to and from the Greater Washington is trouble-free through the use of three transporting methods on water, air, and land. These are the ferry boat scheme under large bridges for the waterway systems, airbuses and airplanes homed in numerous airports, and scenic viewed mountain passes and the smoothed traffic state highways for the land transportation system.

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