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Group development

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This summary is about the group development phases- forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. These five stages will help me work as a group and as a team member. Forming is taking time to get to know each other and picking a team leader. Storming is when each team member has an opinion in what they’ll do in the group project, like choosing what part of the group assignment they’ll have. Norming is sharing ideas as a group; as the group begins to form they start focusing in their own assign work and start working to create the project.

Performing is when the team has got to know & trust each other well. They’ll be able to review the project as a team and if they have disagreement they’ll be able to fix them as a group. Adjourning is when the project is coming to an end and the team has work hard for this last stage and know their work was a success; a celebration may happen as the groups work pays off. The differences between a group and a team are that a team is larger than a group. A team takes a strong leader to lead the team. A team needs the best players to win the big win.

They’ll need the strongest players, best players, and the commit players. A group can be anybody that’s willing to work together as a group to help with the work. Anybody can be in a group small or tall old or young. A group doesn’t take strong players but commit worker. A group takes a leader to lead the team and the leader will get them to the end. In the beginning group sections weren’t all that bad until high school started. I wasn’t very good with group projects since I was a quite person and didn’t commutate much. My strengths in a group project would be my creativity in art.

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I’m a good artist, making posters and drawing the pictures in a group project is what I’m good at. My best work would have to do with the crevity of art and design it for the fun of it. My weakness or my challenging roles would be putting the group together as a whole. In a way I prefer working alone so I don’t have to deal with the other students but, I know this will help me keep learning as it progress. I wouldn’t like to put myself in a leader’s role nor a captain’s position since they have to give orders; I get nerves speaking in front of people and I believe this are some of my challenging roles.

My weaknesses are being shy with others but since this is online I think it makes it easy for me to express my thoughts. What makes a great group is when everybody has their own part to work on. For example I like drawing so I will like to have the posters and drawing parts. Everybody needs to work together to make this group happen and succeed. The importations in a group project are staying together as a team. Working in groups help people learn more by putting everyone’s ideas together and using them in the group project.

Two heads are better than one right? I find it important for workers/students to work in groups because it helps them combine the ideas together and turn them into something more. I feel like the group will help me see and learn the positive sides in group projects. As my learning style results I’m more likely to work hands on but since the group meetings are online I find it a little difficult. I’m good at learning by doing and seeing examples and I will fine this changeling and helpful in the same time. I’m up for the challenge.

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