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Good Readers and B

Essay Topic:

Good Readers are Re-Readers 1.The introduction ends after the first paragraph.The method of introduction that Vladimir Nabokov uses is using interesting quotes to reel the reader in.

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2. The thesis is that to be a good writer, you must be a good reader. This has no real location in the writing, because it is not directly said. This makes the thesis implicit. 3. The author’s tone in this piece sounds very critical of writers at the beginning, but near the end his tone becomes just instructive instead. 4. The rhetorical devices Nabokov uses are plentiful in the section.

He uses point of view, compare and contrast, rhetorical questions, metania, and amplification of the word reader and writer. 5. Passages that capture my attention and arouse reaction would be the third paragraph (because of its skepticism and amount of rhetorical questions), the fourth paragraph (because of its contrast of minor and real authors), the seventh (because it says what characteristics a good reader must have), and the third from last one (because of the other things a write should be, and the contrast between minor and major writers). . According to Nabokov, a good writer is one that is a good reader. He must also create a whole new world in his work, ponder how the mind works, and be an inventor, a storyteller, a teacher, and an enchanter. 7. The author’s organization is when describing one aspect of being a good reader or writer, it somehow ties into the topic of the next paragraph. This is how he connects the different parts. 8.

Even though there is no real conclusion to the essay, the author wraps it up by explaining the four keys to being a good author. 9. Nabokov uses humor in the essay to keep the readers attention. Examples would be when he explains the good-reader list and explaining that experiment and the examples of the boy who cried wolf. 10. Vladimir Nabokov mentions that he was on a lecture tour, which means he is an admired professor. This gives you some credibility in your mind.

But, he also uses point of view, which means that the things he is saying is not the end all and be all characteristics of good readers and writers. 11. From reading this essay my reaction is more from an educational standpoint than one of emotion. I learn that that to be a good writer, I must be a good reader. I like how Vladimir is skeptical and a little cynical like myself. I also liked how he used some fluff, but it wasn’t enough where I was bored. I was entertained throughout the essay.

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