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George Washingtons Rules of Good Behavior

Janet FinchamAssignment # 8George Washington’s Rules of Good Behavior, ca. 1746HIST, 1107-USFEBUARY, 13, 20131. What did Captain Clark’s loud order of “all hands up and at their oars” cause the Indians to do? My peremptory order to the men, and the Bustle of their getting to their oars, Alarmed the chiefs, together with the appearance of the men on shore as the boat turned.

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2. Why were the men {including Lewis and Clark} Awake all night?

Peter Cruz at, our bowman, who could speaker mama, informed us in the night that the mama prisoners informed him we were to be stopped, we showed as little signs of a knowledge of their intentions as possible all prepared on board for anything which might happen, we kept a strong guard all night, no sleep. 3, what incidents and/or information might have led Lewis and Clark to the conclusion that of September 27?

Captain Lewis with a guard, still on shore, the man who steered, not being much accustomed to steer, passed the bow of the boat, and the pirogue came broadside against the cable and broke it, which obliged me to order, in a loud voice, all hands up and at their oars. 4. What did the Indians do the morning of September, 28, 1804 and how did Lewis and Clark resolve the situation? Made many attempts in different ways to find our anchor, but could not: the sand had covered it, from the misfortune of last night our boat was lying at shore in a very unfavorable situation. . Why do you think Meriwether Lewis was so specific and detailed in his decryption of small and large wolf and the grizzly bear? Captain Clark thought he would weigh 500 pounds, for my own part, I think the estimate too small by 100 pounds, he measured 8 feet 7 ? inches from the nose to the extremity of the hind feet: 5 feet 10 ? inches around the breast: 1 foot 11 inches around the middle of the arm: and 3 feet 11 inches around the neck, his talons, which were 5 in number on each foot, were 4 3/8 inches in length, he was in good order. 6.

What impression did the grizzly leave with Lewis and why did the bear leave that impression? Saw a brown {grizzly} bear swim the river above us, he disappeared before we could get in reach of him , I find that the curiosity of our party is pretty well satisfied with respect to this animal. 7. How does Sacagawea contribute to the expedition? Her labor soon proved successful, and she produced a good quantity of these roots. 8. Do you think she was appreciated or treated as” one of the boys “? YES because she contributed roots for dinner. 9.

Considering the importance of the “corps of discovery “why do you think that Jefferson planned the journey in secret? Do you think he was correct in doing that? The square wife to taboo busied herself gathering the roots of the fennel called by the snake Indians YEAR –PAH for the purpose of drying to eaten on the Rocky Mountains, those roots are very palatable either fresh roots boiled or dried. ”10. Do you think that you would have volunteered to go on the adventure? Yes why or why not? Because I like adventures, I love to explore wilderness it’s very interesting to me and you can learn different life styles.

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