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Gene One leadership change

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Gene One entered the industry of bio technology in the year 1996 with a gene technology that was ground breaking that effectively eradicated several diseases affecting the potatoes and tomatoes. This enabled the farmers to cease the use of pesticides and thus the consumers of these products were pleased to by farm produce that were untainted by various chemicals. As a result of its success in less than one decade, sharp rise in stocks was realized on Wall Street which was a clear indication that there was a lot interest that was growing in the field of biotechnology.

Thus change in leadership was required in the drug and food administration so as to enhance further the ready growing investor confidence in the sector of biotechnology. The leadership of Gene One that in order to maintain the current overwhelming demand and continue achieving the projected growth targets of about forty percent, there is need for Gene One to become a public entity through an Initial Public Offer (IPO) within a period not exceeding three years.

The IPO capital will be used for more aggressive advertisement, marketing and new development so that Gene One can remain competitive and successful in the foreseeable future (Ota, 2004). Leadership change in Gene One At the age of thirty seven years, Don Ruiz, a young entrepreneur became the Chief Executive Officer of Gene One. He successfully recruited four of his colleagues so as to assist him make Gene One a reality. He provided leadership and creativity required to make Gene One a big success in less than one decade.

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Don contributed significantly to the company by bringing in his extensive knowledge in the field of technology and industry. Financially, he contributed two million dollars to the company as start up capital. This has positioned Gene One in a good position to realize a lot of growth in its operations and also in market share which will enable it to be a market and an industry leader in its field of operations (Ota, 2004). There is therefore the need for the best person to take the position of Don so that Gene One will continue realizing continued growth and also be able to achieve its growth targets of about forty percent per annum.

The person to take up leadership from Don should also be capable of implementing the intended IPO successfully within the stipulated time of three years. This will therefore mean that Gene One will become a public entity and thus the new leader should be one who is capable of managing effectively the increased capital and other operations within Gene One. Effective management of Gene One will ensure that the company realizes increased developments in the research activities of Gene One and also increased market share (Ota, 2004). The best person to accomplish the objectives of Gene One is Michelle Houghton.

This is due to the fact that Michelle has a lot of interest in Gene One and this is what made her to invest in Gene One, everything that she owned. She also has a very strong ownership sense in Gene One and she in fact has a lot of emotional attachment to Gene One. Don and Michelle share very many interests in Gene One which has enabled them to have a cordial working relationship. Thus if Michelle takes on the leadership of Gene One from Don it will be more less the continuation of the legacy of Don and thus there are very high chances of the company doing very well in future and to also manage the IPO process and capital effectively.

Michelle is also very passionate about any thing that is likely to put Gene One at risk. She is very doing well in securing finances for Gene One from the private sector and also from the government. Although, Michelle has previously never managed an organization of such magnitude as Gene One or even conducted an IPO, she has earned herself a lot of convincing reputation from the leadership team o-f Gene One, the FDA leadership, the Board and also the government. With such strong qualities and support Michelle is likely to enable Gene One to achieve better results as compared to her other three colleagues (Ota, 2004).

Implementing the IPO strategy After care fully analyzing the achievements of Gene One both the founding members and the current members of the board agree that Gene One is capable and ready of becoming a public company. Gene One has already revolutionalized the methods that are used by the farmers in order to preserve potatoes and tomatoes and currently it is carrying out a research which is likely to expand rapidly the crops that are capable from the gene technology of Gene One.

The tremendous success that Gene One has achieved in the past eight years in a clear indication that the company needs more funds to be able to achieve its strategic objectives in future. In order to finance its research and continue to be a market leader in gene technology (Ota, 2004). Although, the capital arising from the IPO is very important in regard to the preparations by Gene One to go public, economic packages which are aimed at rewarding the board members, the founders and other important personnel in Gene One has to be formulated.

Their job security has also to be considered since their great contributions to Gene One have made it rise to where it is currently. Thus the IPO should ensure that the relevant of the founders and other essential personnel within Gene One is not diluted. There is therefore the need to implement a strategy that will diversify and restructure Gene One and maintain its competitive and technological edge over its competitors (Ota, 2004). The leadership of Gene One has targeted that the headquarters of the company will be at Lynchburg.

This will effectively offer Gene One with perfect headquarters that are less costly as compared to the headquarters it is currently occupying. Thus it is very important for Gene One to have an IPO so that it can be able to acquire the new headquarters. This will accelerate an expansion that is very cost efficient in the south and also streamline Gene One’s operational budget. The IPO capital will also provide Gene One with finances for initiatives of market restructuring advertising and new developments (Ota, 2004). The IPO will enable Gene One to implement the strategy of the southern based modular.

This strategy will enable Gene One to maximize the benefits of cheap leasing and therefore streamlining the operational budget of Gene One for the last three years will be possible. This strategy will enable the Gene One leadership to maintain good relations with the core supporters and clients of their products. This will have the impact of positively affecting the southern states economy leading to their expansion and employ several new applicants (Ota, 2004). Conclusion Gene One has been a very successful company in a very short time, in fact within a time period of only eight years.

This has been as result of sound management from its leadership led by Don. There is therefore, the need for good leadership to continue in Gene One so that it can continue to experience growth and more improved research in the field of biotechnology. Michelle is the best suited person to take Gene One to the next level in terms of performance and to also enable Gene One to successfully undertake its intended IPO within the stipulated time of three years. Reference: Ota (2004): Leadership - Gene One Corporation; Retrieved on 16th May from, http://www. brainmass. com/homework-help/business/management/127831.

Gene One leadership change essay

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