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Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing

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Unilever is an international manufacturing firm of consumers’ goods that has been serving the market for more than seven decades now. The headquarters of Unilever are located at England and Netherlands but the company is distributing goods to numerous countries around the world. This international manufacturer of consumer product brands has developed many brands that have become a part of the lives of consumers. From foods and beverages to personal care products, the company is able to reach a high level of consumers’ loyalty making them one of the companies with a large market share.

Apparently, the company’s name bears not only the brands of products that have created a strong impact to the consumers but also a reputation of having the ability to produce quality products and credibility of providing satisfactory services. Unilever is able to compete with many other companies in the field of consumer goods industry. Company’s Mission Our mission is to add Vitality to life. We meet everyday needs for nutrition; hygiene and personal care with brands that help people look good, feel good and get more out of life.

(Unilever) With Unilever’s mission to provide quality products in order to help people live a convenient life, the company aims to give the consumers a healthy lifestyle through their products that are being offered in the market. The company was built with the objectives of making cleanliness a commonplace, reducing work for women, fostering heath and contributing personal attractiveness. As the company tagline says, vitality is the company’s business. List of products of Unilever

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There are numerous Unilever products in the market; however the list only includes products that are being distributed to most of all the countries where the company operates. Moreover, these brands are the ones with high recall to the customers. Competitors of Unilever Because of the endless development of Unilever products, many companies are also able to produce brands that would compete with the products that are being offered by Unilever. Unilever has many competitors in different countries.

Those are the companies that may be selling a single or more brands which compete with the products of Unilever. However, Kraft Foods, Nestle, and Procter and Gamble are considered as the top competitors of the company in terms of revenue, market share, number of consumers and countries where the products are being sold (Hoovers). Unilever’s Competitive Advantage Unilever is recognized as a global company with a strong brand portfolio. This is one of the strengths of the company because the consumers often purchase a product because of the credibility of the manufacturer.

The company’s strong relationship with its retailers has served for the company’s competitive advantage. Millions of people are buying Unilever products everyday and most of them are aware about the name of the company that developed the products that they have purchased. The Marketing Mix: Products and Branding Strategies Primary Attributes of Unilever Unilever has been known for their credibility in providing quality products for its consumers.

The company is able to develop more brands that are also able to gain a high level of brand recognition and loyalty from the customers (Ries & Trout, 2007). With the proper positioning and marketing strategy for every product, Unilever is able to reach the level of success of other competitors in the marketplace. The success of many Unilever brands can be a proof of an effective positioning of the company. Unilever is able to penetrate the mind of the consumers and leave a strong brand recall which makes their brand reach the maturity stage.

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