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Functioning Of Municipal Schools Education Essay

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    With the feverish competition today youth want to be perfect in whatever they attempt to make whether it is in academic surveies, athleticss or cultural activities.

    Therefore the instruction in A.P. Municipality Act 1965 under subdivision 130 with Rule 42 of Taxation and Finance, regulations appended to the APM ACL 1965, have become more flexible in the constitution of their schools and conveying flawlessness in their attack.

    Harmonizing to this policy the municipality can incur outgo connected with instruction on the points like preparation of instructors and care of schools etc. Aiming at flawlessness the municipal schools besides aim at excellence and that is possible by presenting the undermentioned policies:

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    Constitution and care of schools

    Construction and care of school edifices

    Training of instructors

    Excellence would intend giving our best in whatever we do. Our best attempts are different from another individual 's best attempts, and these can non be compared because everyone has strengths and restrictions. Therefore, `` instruction in the A.P. Municipality Act as mentioned in the subdivision 31, would name commissions to tap the interior resources of their staff and pupils. They would name commissions to preparation of reappraisals, and general supervision of development programmes, associating to instruction and public assistance of SCs, BCs and adult females and kids among others.

    The station - Independence India placed great significance on the instruction of its citizens, and making literacy to the nook and corner of the state. The establishing male parents of the state and the fundamental law shapers did non experience the necessity to do instruction a cardinal right as they thought that the State will go forth no rock unturned in doing everyone educated all literate. But the State and the cardinal Government failed to populate up to the outlook of the establishing male parents of the state and both fell level on this basic and cardinal responsibility. Education is non even mentioned explicitly as an country of nucleus concern for municipalities in A.P. and it is a gray country. It is taking cue from subdivision 31A above that the function of municipalities in `` managing '' instruction is restricted. The administrative map of naming caput Masterss and instructors in the municipal schools, managing and pay outing their wages, advancing and reassigning the staff, and keeping the care of the municipal schools under their direction is taken attention by the municipal governments. But most of these academic maps rest with the instruction section.

    The mark of cosmopolitan instruction remained a mirage with big subdivisions of the society unable to direct their small 1s to school. Even primary instruction, non to talk of higher instruction did non make the door - stairss of larger figure of people. In A.P. Municipal schools exist merely in 13 territories of the 23 territories in the province. About 2100 Municipal schools are working in the province. About 1400 primary schools, 400 Upper primary schools, and 300 Secondary schools are working in the province. Over 3.5 lakh kids are enrolled in these schools, and 8100 instructors are working in the municipal schools with teacher - student ratio of 1:45, 1:49, and 1:40 in primary, upper primary and secondary schools severally. But one tends to oppugn these pupils who are enrolled in these Municipal schools, how far they have acquired cognition in ego confidence/ one tends to oppugn the regularity of the instructors to the school and the credibleness of their work.

    1.5.2 Municipal Schools in Vijayawada - Krishna District, A.P

    Vijayawada, besides called `` Vidyalawada '' ( topographic point of instruction ) occupies a big sum of the educational substructure of Andhra Pradesh. The metropolis was named `` the educational Sahara '' by a foreign embassador.

    Education in the metropolis is implemented by both the authorities and private establishments. Vijayawada Municipal Corporation ( VMC ) takes attention of the authorities educational establishments.

    Municipalities responsible for opening / up-gradation of schools in the urban countries are under Municipal Corporation. A Municipality is a unit for all intents. All instructors in a municipality are under one unit for intents of publicity or reversion etc. Panel commission in the municipality has the authorization for publicity of instructors. Teachers are transferred from one school to another in the same municipality. Municipal governments inspect the schools. Wages of instruction and non instruction staff are paid by the authorities. But it is reduced to the extent of educational revenue enhancement collected by the municipality.

    RTE Act 2009, reminds the schools to include in the course of study `` basic hygiene, environmental cleanliness, good societal etiquette and political behaviour. '' ( Act 6.5 ) every bit good as life accomplishments ( Act 6.6 ) together with the accent on, non merely on one 's rights but on one 's surveies specially to society. ( Act 6.8 )

    ( Act 7.6 B ) insists on developing and implementing `` criterions for preparation of instructors '' . The policy ( 4.14 ) provinces that `` thorough periodic developing the instructors are equipped with up - to - day of the month cognition and pedagogical accomplishments including the usage of new educational engineerings. In the changed and quickly altering scenario good wonts of work-ethics are inculcated '' .

    Tendencies in registration show a clear displacement to private schools in urban countries like Vijayawada. The municipal schools slowdown behind in the undermentioned countries - deficiency of motive to the staff, hapless substructure, deficiency of sanitation installations, deficiency of topic, deficiency of equal instructors, teacher absenteeism, use of the age old methodological analysiss in learning English, faulty scrutiny system etc are some of the factors taking to hapless public presentation of pupils, ensuing in low demand for these municipal schools.

    It is said that instructors must make bold to larn things beyond the course of study and do acquisition gratifying utilizing some utile instruction AIDSs. There is a slow and gradual realisation among the educationalists, that the households of the hapless pupils who attend municipal schools still remain hapless in malice of their traveling to school. This is due to miss of proper learning installations in authorities schools which stick to minimum instruction.

    Professor Martin Woodhead besides said that there is a demand to reform authorities schools to present choice instruction at least for the interest of those hapless who will still go on to direct merely their male childs to private schools. Government schools will still be a blessing to girl child instruction.

    While the world reflects the above outlook what is noticed among the municipality schools is much distant and out dated from the world.


    Class suites: Insufficiency of suites to suit is a job in municipal high schools. Problems exist with respect to airing and sufficient infinite for all the kids in all the category suites.

    Headmaster 's office and staff room: In the urban municipal schools in Vijayawada there is one room that is used as the Head Master 's room every bit good as the office with the files stacked behind. There is no equal topographic point to hive away and exhibit the assorted shields, trophies and souvenirs won by the school and its squads.

    Labs: There is no sole infinite for a research lab in any of the schools visited. There are a little figure of incontrovertible AIDSs and equipment in high schools, but the same are stacked in closets inside schoolrooms. In the instance of an upgraded school, research lab equipment is being borrowed from a neighbouring school and the same is returned after presentation in the category.

    Library: Libraries ideally provide entree to books in add-on to the schoolroom texts and make a nexus with the developments taking topographic point outside. Storage of books in the best of municipal schools is found non satisfactory. Books are non made accessible to the pupils for whom they are meant to be extra reading stuff.

    Common suites for misss: The Government of India has embarked on a mission to retain misss in schools through the National Programme Education for Girls at Elementary Level ( NPEGEL ) . Urban slums in Municipalities and Corporations of the four territories including Krishna territory was covered under the programme. It was seen that such room existed in one high school, but was non being utilized for the intent. The freshly constructed suites were being used as staff suites for female instructors.

    Drinking H2O and Toilets: Drinking H2O for kids has non been uniformly provided in all municipal schools. Sanitation installations or lavatories in schools are shared by the pupils and the instructors. This is a cause for concern as bead out among misss is usually attributed to hapless sanitation conditions in schools.

    Resort areas: Due the scarceness of infinite in urban countries, it is difficult to happen municipal schools with equal infinite for drama land for the pupils.

    Furniture for Staff and Students: Municipal schools have been missing in furniture for its pupils. There are barely any municipal schools, at all degrees, which have been benches for all the kids. This could perchance be one of the grounds for the parents in switching their kids to private schools.

    Performance: Look at the consequences achieved by municipal schools over the old ages, it is found that the base on balls per centum has been a assorted bag of success and failures. Some of the pupils of VMC have excelled academically despite hardships.

    The public presentation of Municipal School pupils in SSC Board exams over the last three old ages is systematically on an mean 60 % .

    Performance of Municipal School Students in SSC Exams


    Municipal Schools

    All Schools

    No. Appeared

    No. Passed

    Pass %

    No. Appeared

    No. Passed

    Pass %

    2008 - 09







    2009 - 10







    2010 - 11







    As is seen from the tabular array above the public presentation of municipal schools is about 60 % while the overall public presentation in all schools is systematically about 74 % . Inspite of these consequences which indicate quantitatively good public presentation, their public presentation in English linguistic communication appears to be qualitatively hapless.

    As per the recent G.O. Ms No: 76 ( 2008 ) , English medium has been introduced at all degrees in municipal schools. However, the system is non adequately equipped to manage kids who wish to inscribe in English medium schools. A four twenty-four hours developing programme on Communicative English has been organized by the Education Department to all the instructors to heighten their cognition and accomplishment. But this does non look to to the full fit them to manage the categories.

    1.6 The Problems of Teaching / Learning English

    The manner English is taught in schools, particularly in municipal and authorities schools to a great extent responsible for the lowering of the criterion of English in India. The purpose of teaching/learning English linguistic communication is surely really high and the agencies are unequal to recognize them. The followers are some of the jobs faced by the instructors of English in Municipal schools:

    Dearth of Competent instructors

    The instructors of English at municipal schools do non update themselves with the recent developments in the field of linguistics and latest methods of instruction ; hence, they are non able to learn English on par with the English instructors in the private schools. Though the instruction functionaries conduct developing programme one time a twelvemonth, the instructors give least importance to fit themselves with the latest methods of learning English. And besides these preparation programmes are conducted together along with the other capable instructors. So, the English linguistic communication instructors are non given much importance to fit themselves with the latest techniques.

    Job Satisfaction

    Teachers are non satisfied with their occupation. Most of the instructors look at their work as a load, do non take much involvement than what is compulsory. They are besides engaged in tonss of activities other than learning. They are really much comfortable utilizing the interlingual rendition method of learning English.

    Competence of Teachers

    Most of the instructors ' competency of English is low. They have really limited or no pre-service preparation at all and had undergone barely any in-service preparation for the English linguistic communication. They are witting of it and therefore seem to endure from low self-pride.

    Constraint of clip

    The instructors focus on syllabus completion. They do non hold sufficient clip to make other activities like brace work, group work, dramatisation etc. in the category. The instructors do non interact with the scholars. Teacher is the Centre of the linguistic communication category.

    Crowded Classs

    The size of the categories everyplace is well big and therefore, pupils ' engagement in the category work is rather impossible. The ratio of pupils in relation to teacher is non relative. This is one of the grounds why the instructors are unable to pay single attending to the pupils.

    Lack of Creativity

    Learners normally live in less supportive ( for instruction ) household and societal ambiance in stuff, emotional and fiscal footings. Most of them are first coevals scholars.

    They prefer to utilize the age old readymade notes for the scrutiny to go through. The pupils are non tapped to utilize their creativeness.

    Teacher 's and Student 's Regional Dialect impacting proper pronunciation

    This is a really important job with most of the instructors learning English. When the instructors try to talk English, they carry their ain regional idiom into English. They have trouble in pronunciation and are non cautious about the emphasis and modulation of their ain address. They teach wrong phonic written texts, pronunciation, emphasis and modulation to the pupils.

    A big figure of instructors learning at school degree are unqualified. They have small thought of right use and none at all of right pronunciation. Their vocabulary is every bit limited as their reading. They are non familiar with the usage of modern learning techniques.

    Though the text books prescribe for different categories are skill-oriented, instructors are non equal plenty to learn them.

    The frequent alterations made in the policy sing English by the province and cardinal authorities has besides proved to be greatly damaging to the instructors and scholars of the linguistic communication.

    Teaching Aidss

    Class room learning AIDSs and stuffs are by and large in short supply in schools, non to speak of audio-visual AIDSs like tape recording equipments, lingua phone programmes of movie strips. In some instances even pieces of chalk and black board are hard to obtain.


    It is a commiseration that most of the scrutinies are in content oriented instead than skill-oriented. If at all any accomplishment is required to be displayed by the testers, it is their writing ability. Though reading, listening and talking accomplishments are given in the text books, they are neglected wholly in the scrutinies.

    With the constitution of organic structures like National Council of Educational Research and Training ( NCERT ) , National course of study has gained popularity and being progressively adopted by more and more provinces. Many of these syllabi provide adequate range for the development of the scholar 's abilities. However, the strangeness of the English instructor with both the purposes and aims of these course of studies and their usage about ever succeeds in get the better ofing the very intents for which they were ab initio framed.

    Teacher 's instruction is one major country which needs drastic alterations if quality instructors are to go available to develop the English linguistic communication accomplishments of the pupil.

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