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One Page Play Script

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One-Page Play Script (Carter and Jackson are on horseback looking for a water source) Carter This way! It will take us straight to the river my pops was talkin' about! Jackson Are you crazy you fool? That route will only get us more lost in the woods, and I'm afraid we might not make it out! Carter But I believe pops knew what he was talkin' 'bout. He's traveled around here many times before, he knows more than you do! Jackson

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I ain't sayin' I know more than pop does but I do have a gut feeling and it's telling me not to go that way. I trust my gut feeling and so should you! Carter But what if your wrong? What will we do then? Jackson I have an idea.. Why don't you go your own way and I go my own way? Carter But wouldn't that be more dangerous? Riding alone for days without end.. Jackson Well then come with me and we will both be safe.. Carter Fine! I will ride along with you, I just hope your gut feeling hasn't lied to you. The boys rode for 3 days and 2 days without stopping. They were worn out and thirsty. ) Carter Are we almost there? Jackson A few more miles and will find what we've been looking for all along. Carter But the sun's already down and this doesn't look like a safe place to be. Jackson Will you stop winning?? (A loud vicious sound was heard from a distance) Carter Did you hear that? Jackson Hear what? Carter That ... (The boys stare expressionless straight ahead, being careful not to make any sudden movements. )

One Page Play Script essay

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