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Reflection Essay on Freedom

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FREEDOM Freedom. Isn't that such a beautiful word. A luxurious gift we've been given. A feeling many people would like to experience. We have a right as people living in the United States of America to have and experience freedom. But did we ever really take the time to think of what freedom really means and how lucky we are to have such a thing. Freedom has such a great meaning and value to me because I know what it is like to have no freedom. To me freedom is much more than just being able to do as you please, it's more like something that can be sensed.

Like when you go outside on fourth of July to watch fireworks you have a sense, a feeling that says I AM FREE. I remember when I was first asked “What does freedom mean to you? ” My thoughts immediately flew to Somalia, my parents motherland. I remembered what my mom told me about Somalia and what I saw on TV about how it's citizens don't have any freedom especially women. I remembered what I saw about how militant groups are stripping away the citizen's freedom.

I remembered the condition the kids in Somalia lived because of the lack of freedom. I remembered how cruel I thought those people were for stripping away a natural that we as people have. They don't have the freedom that we take for granted every day and we don't know how great the gift of freedom that been endowed upon us is until it's been taken away. To be able to live in a country that gives me freedom and the responsibilities that come with it is a great honor and I will always be grateful.

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