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Girl in the Window Analysis Paper

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  • What is your initial reaction to this piece? Use descriptive language to describe how you felt while reading this.

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I endured several emotions while reading this piece. It was an emotional roller coaster for me. Emotions of sadness, hopefulness, and happiness came over me while reading this piece. I was floored when reading the conditions of the home in the beginning of the piece; I couldn’t believe that people could live in such conditions, yet alone with a baby. I also was taken for a loop when I read the consequences that the mother received. I was extremely upset with the protocol of Child Protective Services. The testimonial from the mother made me angry. I too grew up in a toxic situation for most of my childhood. Although my conditions were not comparable to the environment that Danielle was in, I could feel that look that the writer described as pain and hopelessness. I could not have sympathy for this woman and I couldn’t accept how she could justify her actions.

What is investigative journalism?

  • The journalist investigates and researches a specific topic for a long period of time.
  • They use the newly found information and older facts to create the story. Their job is to uncover facts that have not been revealed.

Lane DeGregory (woman) wrote this piece. What can you find out about her online? When I searched Lane I found links to her social network accounts, videos and personal website. I also found several articles about “Girl in the Window.” There was additional information on the journey that he endured while investigating Danielle’s story. Her copartner Melissa, who was a photojournalist, revealed information about Lane. I found information on how to contact and book her for group talks and information about other pieces in which she has written.

  • Discuss Lane DeGregory’s style in your own words.

She was able to incorporate imagery using descriptive words and placed quotes within the piece that added emotion and sensory. The chronological arrangement of the piece was done differently she started from beginning to end and kept it in order but also added known facts and interview questions that flowed and the transitions where very easy to follow.

I thought the sub headings with in the story also created a change of scene almost. She incorporated all sides of the story from the social worker to the law enforcement to the doctors to the teachers to the adopting family and to the mother. It was like reading a documentary. After reading this peace I had no questions about what was next I felt that Dani was in great care and I had no doubt that she would get better. She didn’t leave a hanger for the reader. I was complete at the end of the article. That to me made it Pulitzer Prize worthy.

  • How does “Girl in the Window” differ from other articles we’ve read?

The Girl in the Window reads like a story rather that an article. It has a rising action and a resolution. Normally articles don’t end with the happy ending; you have to research or follow up to find out more information. Lane included a start middle and ending to the piece. At the end of the article I felt like I was closing a book or there would be credits following the last word.

  • What qualities does it share with other articles we’ve read?

The very first article we read about James Cameron shares similar qualities. Both writers had to endure a long journey to collect information for these pieces. You can compare the on-site time spent by both authors. The two articles couldn’t have been written with dedicating the proper time.

  • What techniques were utilized and how did this article come together?

Lane used details and ravishing quotations throughout the piece. It was a timeline piece use great transitions and subheading to help the reader keep up. She used descriptive words and did a amazing job setting the scenes as she wrote about them.

  • How did Lane DeGregory build her characters in the story?

Lane gives us background information about the Lierows and then at the end she lets us into the background of Dani’s birth mother. She lets the readers know about the characterictics of the Lierows by sharing their daily activities and there at home lifestyles.

  • What did Oprah do after she learned/read this article?

Oprah did a segment on Dani’s story and the exposure lead to strangers donating over $10,000 to fund her long term care cost. Later her parent released a book this year called Dani's Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love.

Girl in the Window Analysis Paper essay

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