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Shattered Glass

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Bobby Taggart December 10, 2012 Tracy Crow Journalism Shattered Glass Response The movie “Shattered Glass” is about a journalist who writes for the New Republic Newspaper, who later gets caught for fabricating 27 of his stories. The journalists name is Stephen Glass. Glass was 24 when started working writing and reporting for the New Republic. The New Republic is a well-known newspaper located in Washington D. C. Glass has had a reputation for having the most vivid stories. Glass’s first suspicion of fabrication was noticed when he wrote a story about the ACU (American Conservative Union).

The Chairman of the ACU David Keene, first questions his story. His story contains a description of drunken tricks by young Republicans and mini-bars. Stephen’s boss confronts him about the situation. Turns out that his story was true, except for one small detail about how there were no mini-bars but just fridges available to rent with alcohol in it. The young journalists, newest story comes about in a staff meeting, which is about Ian Restil, who is a teenage hacker. Restil hacked into Jukt Micronics security systems. Jukt Micronics proceeds by hiring the teenage hacker.

After the issue is printed, the editor at Forbes Digital Tool questions his reporter Adam Penenberg how he didn’t get the story on this teenage hacker who is hire by Jukt Micronics as a security consultant. Penenberg begins to investigate the article, as it already appears to be fishy. After more and more research, Penenberg takes his research to his boss showing him that nothing in the article exists. He then begins by making a phone call to Stephen for contact information on his sources mentioned in the article. The phone numbers given from Glass to Penenberg were made up as well.

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Stephen’s editor along with Forbes Digital Tool’s editor in the end found out that none of his sources existed. Stephen’s editor figures out that his brother lives in southern California, who has been setting up voicemails on his number to back up the fact checking process for him. This movie showed me how important it was to have all of your sources available and credible. Fabricating quotes is a serious manner in the journalism world. Fabricating anything can ruin an individual’s reputation as a writer and can even take down an entire newspaper just like the New Republic Newspaper.

Journalism is a load of work. Taking shortcuts in journalism will catch up to you and haunt you throughout the rest of your career. Writing for a newspaper takes many countless hours of hard work without doubt. Therefore, fabricating anything in journalism can lead up to you being sued. Overall, this movie showed me a lesson personally and I’m living up to the consequences right now. If you put the time and effort into getting important information, the results will show the rewards.

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